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This web site pertains to Capacitance Electronic Discs or CED's, a consumer video format on grooved vinyl discs that was marketed by RCA in the 1980's. This is the home site for the RCA SelectaVision VideoDisc FAQ and the CED Title Database. Additional information on the RCA VideoDisc System will appear here as it is prepared.

Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology Is Indistinguishable From Magic Why Magic? Listen to this sound byte from 1984 Video Systems.

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Service Alignment VideoDisc NTSCService Alignment VideoDisc PALRCA Service Alignment Discs (NTSC and PAL)

CED VideoDisc Strobe Technical Information

CED Patent 4145718CED Museum

Handheld Computer Software Downloads

CED Player and Disc Production

Still image sequences illustrating CED player and disc manufacturing processes at RCA's Bloomington and Indianapolis Indiana facilities. A movie of the complete tour is also available as a QuickTime download from either sequence.

CED Player Display Copper Master
Player Manufacturing
Disc Manufacturing

Fanfare Movies

QuickTime movies of the original SelectaVision fanfare, and the updated version put on CED's starting in 1982. These QuickTime files are 1317K and 2471K, respectively. Click HERE for smaller download options.

1981 SelectaVision Fanfare 1982 SelectaVision Fanfare
1981 Fanfare
1982+ Fanfare

NipperSelectaVision Music from the CED Era

      Bring The Magic Home "Bring the Magic Home" (51K)
      Hello Charlie Brown "Hello Charlie Brown" (48K)
      We'll Open Your Eyes "We'll Open Your Eyes" (36K)
      VideoDiscs And Stereo Sound "Coming at Ya from All Sides" (517K)
      SelectaVision Theme RCA Theme Song, solo piano (592K)
      SelectaVision Theme RCA Theme Song, orchestral (469K)

VideoDisc Book Miscellaneous Information

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