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CED Player Parts Sources


This is a listing of companies that carry parts for CED players. Some of these don't have web sites at present, but I'll be adding links as they become available. The companies marked with an asterisk are authorized distributors for one or more of the name brands CED players were sold under, as listed in CED Player Name Brand Links. Some CED player name brands like Realistic (Tandy) and Sears sell parts directly, while other refer you to local dealers or national parts distributors like those listed below.

To order parts for CED players you really need the part number listed in the service manual. Some of these manuals are available from Sams Technical Publishing. You'll find that many parts are unavailable anywhere, and with the passage of time this situation will get worse, as a lot of companies don't see any economic sense in supporting older products beyond a certain point. For most of the electronic components in CED players, availability of the original part number doesn't really matter, because they're standard parts available from generic parts suppliers like Digi-Key, Jameco, or NTE.

Passive electronic components (Capacitors, Inductors, and Resistors) can be identified generically by looking at the device and noting its type, value, and rating. This information is also usually provided in the service manual. For semiconductors (Diodes and Transistors), the part number printed on the part or in the service manual needs to be cross referenced to an equivalent part available from semiconductor suppliers like NTE, TCE, ECG, and Radio Shack. I've provided a RCA Player Diode and Transistor Reference Guide that contains this information, derived from various sources such as the Sams Semiconductor Cross Reference Book. NTE Electronics has a Searchable Cross Reference Index available at their web site.

Integrated Circuits in CED players are often generic and many of these are listed in the RCA Player Integrated Circuits Reference Guide. Some integrated circuits, in particular CED microprocessors, are no longer available anywhere, and if defective will have to be obtained from broken players set aside as part machines. The document RCA Player Integrated Circuits by Player Model provides a reference for obtaining IC's from broken RCA players.

     CEDatum - For RCA player parts, check with them first.

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