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CED Title Database in Newton Book Format


Newton Showing CED Title Database This is the CED Title Database transformed to Newton Book format for Personal Digital Assistants (PDA's) running the Newton Operating System. This is a convenient portable format of the CED Title Database that takes advantage of the Newton Table of Contents and Find features. The electronic book is formatted so each title takes up one line, and the additional information like sound format, number of discs, and UPC is included. There are two versions of the Newton Book CED Title Database, one for Newtons that use Microsoft Windows host computers, and the other for those using a Macintosh-compatible host. This book will function on all Newton OS devices including the eMate.

Newton CED Titles WindowsDownload for Windows host computers
Newton CED Titles MacOSDownload ced-titles.pkg.sit.hqx for MacOS host computers

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