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RCA VideoDisc Manufacturing


RCA VideoDisc Manufacturing


These images are derived from the 23 minute tour contained on Memories of VideoDisc. An automatic, continuous slide show of these pages can be enabled by using a mouse click macro on the links immediately above each image. This uses the same technique that is possible with the Collector's Guide CD-ROM. Go to the CD-ROM Support Page to learn how a macro can be set up.
  1. Blank Copper Master
  2. Bar Code Being Added to Blank Copper Master
  3. Blank Copper Master Being Scanned for Defects
  4. Recording Master Control Unit
  5. Electromechanical Master Recording Lathe
  6. Twelve Miles of Continuous Copper Filament
  7. Mock-Up of VideoDisc Surface (10,000x)
  8. Wall Display Illustrating Stamper Fabrication
  9. Electrodeposition- Submaster Descending into Vat
  10. Electrodeposition- Nickel Pellets Used to make Stamper
  11. Stamper Being Separated from Mold
  12. Stamper with Center Hole Punched
  13. Disc Pressing Unit
  14. Carbon-impregnated PVC Pellets Used to Form Disc Shot
  15. PVC Shot to be Fed into Disc Press
  16. Pressed Disc Being Trimmed
  17. Random Testing of Pressed Discs for Quality Control
  18. Visual Inspection of Discs
  19. Discs Being Conveyored after Rinsing
  20. Wall Display Illustrating Caddy Fabrication
  21. Clearance Checking on Caddies and Spines
  22. Label Being Applied to Caddy
  23. Labeled Caddies Going to Storage
  24. Silicone Coating Applied to Disc Before Caddy Insertion
  25. Checking Bar Code Before Closing the Caddy
  26. Exiting Shrink Wrapper with Stereo Label Being Applied
  27. Packaging of Shrink Wrapped Discs
  28. Random Testing of Packaged Discs for Quality Control
  29. Computerized Inventory Fulfillment and Distribution
  30. Pulling Small Orders from Open Inventory
  31. Palletized Quantity Order Fulfillment

Manufacturing TourComplete Manufacturing Tour

This is the complete 23 minute tour of SelectaVision VideoDisc and Player production facilities hosted by YouTube.

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