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Products Available from CED Magic


This page provides a table of no-cost products (mainly drive belts) available from CED Magic. To make this no-cost service feasible, only a limited quantity of these items can be delivered to CED enthusiasts. The limitations are as follows:

This service is designed to help people keep their one or two regular-use CED players supplied with belts on an on-going basis. It is not intended to support large collections of players or player repair businesses. In those cases the CED Player Belt Replacement Guide has been updated with suppliers who sell drive belts in quantity. The guide now references belts available from PRB, Electronix, Match-A-Knob, and SDP/SI.

To request belts or other items in the table, mail a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) to the following address, and allow one to six weeks to receive the requested items. Note that the SASE must have a first-class US Postal Service stamp affixed (also called a Forever stamp). For international requests, the SASE must have a round Global Forever stamp from the USPS affixed, or have an International Reply Coupon (IRC) included in the envelope.

Tom Howe   •   P.O. Box 5604    •   Portland, Oregon   97228    U.S.A.

Be sure to include the item name exactly as listed in the table below so the correct requested item is sent in the SASE. A quantity of two of any item meets the two-item limit. For example, two J/K Function Motor Drive Belts may be requested or one J/K Function Motor Drive Belt and one J/K Disc Transfer Rod Cap may be requested.


Item Name Model Numbers That Use This Item PRB Eqv.
Hitachi (Early) Arm Drive Belt VIP1000   VIP2000   16-301   934.54780150   934.54800250   934.54810350   SCX3.5
Hitachi (Early) Loading Belt VIP1000   VIP2000   16-301   934.54780150   934.54800250   934.54810350   SCX4.3
Hitachi (Late) Arm Drive or Loading Belt V5000H   VIP2000R   VIP201P   VIP202P   934.54811350   SCX2.9
F/G Servo Drive Belt
Read Note On This Belt!
SFT100   SGT075   SGT100   SGT101   SGT200   SGT250   274.54740150   VP2000   FRX2.0
SGT250 Function Motor Drive Belt SGT250   OA3.2
J/K Function Motor Drive Belt 686-5705   SJT090   SJT100   SJT101   SJT200   SJT300   SJT400   SJT400X   SKT090   SKT100   SKT200   SKT265   SKT300   SKT400   SCB3.6
Sanyo Loading Belt VDR3000   SCX4.3
Toshiba Servo Drive Belt VEC-200   VP100   VP500   VP550   GEN10301   FR3.6
Toshiba Loading Belt VEC-200   VP100   VP500   VP550   GEN10301   SCQ4.8
J/K Disc Transfer Rod Cap 686-5705   SJT090   SJT100   SJT101   SJT200   SJT300   SJT400   SJT400X   SKT090   SKT100   SKT200   SKT265   SKT300   SKT400   N/A
560 pF Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor CRK33 Remote   N/A


FAQ on Product Requests:


Why can't you provide a web form instead of this SASE requirement?

Survival of this no-cost belt program depends on keeping demand to reasonable levels, and with a web form I could be overwhelmed with requests.


My player has three belts, but you will only supply two belts per SASE request. How is that supposed to work?

I'm not supplying timing or turntable belts with this program, so you are able to request two belts in your SASE and obtain the timing/turntable belt, if needed, elsewhere. The polyurethane timing belt used in Hitachi players lasts much longer than neoprene drive belts and seldom needs to be replaced. If you do need a timing belt, it can be purchased from SDP/SI. The turntable belt in F/G players is best replaced with a NOS (New Old Stock) belt from CEDatum. If the NOS belt is not available, a generic turntable belt as referenced in the CED Player Belt Replacement Guide can be used, although it may need a period of pre-stretching before installation in the player. There is no adequate flat turntable belt available for use in Toshiba players, but a round belt can be substituted using directions provided on the Toshiba Turntable Motor Pulley Replacement page.


Can I send cash with my request to get more belts beyond the two free ones?

No. Any cash or other payment sent will be returned to you in the SASE. The acceptance of payment would transform this free service into a Schedule C Business subject to ledger accounting, inventory reconciliation, and taxation. That model has been abandoned as tax authorities frown upon businesses that are deliberately operated on a break-even basis.


Why does it take you six weeks to mail the belts?

Six weeks is an outside estimate to allow for up to a month absence on my part. More typically you will have your belts a couple weeks after mailing the SASE to my address. I visit the post office once a week, and take a supply of everything in the above table with me to process requests on the spot.


I don't live in the United States. How do I go about getting the Global Forever stamp to put on the SASE?

The best solution is to purchase an International Reply Coupon (IRC) at your local post office and send it with the SAE (self addressed envelope). I'll redeem the IRC for one Global Forever stamp here in the United States. Other options include buying US stamps from eBay or at a local stamp collector's shop. Note that it takes three USPS first class Forever stamps to send a one ounce letter internationally.


How do I go about getting CED VideoDisc stickers?

Open the CED VideoDisc JPEG graphic and save it to your computer. Then place an order with Sticker Guy and email the graphic to them. Stickers are available in a variety of sizes from this supplier.


What happened to the RCA VideoDisc Collector's Guide?

Owning the VideoDisc Collector's Guide CD-ROM is no longer necessary as the contents are available online in the Visual CED Title Database. Still, some collectors may want the CD as a keepsake or to view the JPEG caddy images by using the disc in a DVD or Blu-ray player attached to a television. The CD-ROM is no longer sold, but can be requested by SASE in a manner similar to belt requests. The SASE must be a padded mailer big enough to hold a standard CD jewel case, and it must have enough postage attached to cover six ounces of package weight (get current package rates at One CD-ROM request may be submitted per calendar year in addition to the two belt requests permitted.


Can I get around your two belt limit by having my friends or neighbors send SASE requests for me?

This is possible, but such practice will artificially increase belt demand above known historical levels and could result in the demise of this free belt service. If that happens, belts will no longer be available from CED Magic.


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