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CED Digest and CED Forum


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The CED Digest email list was started in 1996 to provide a means for people interested in CED VideoDiscs and players to communicate with one another. In 2004, CED Digest was transformed into CED Forum to permit messages to be posted and replied to immediately, rather than just on a weekly basis. To sign up for the CED forum, go to the main page via the link above and register by clicking the REGISTER button near the top of the page. Once registered, you will be able to immediately post messages in the forum.

Submissions to the forum can be anything related to CED's, and could include offers to buy, sell or trade, requests for specific items, repair advice, historical anecdotes, caches of CED's you've discovered, etc. Note that for legal reasons, submissions that allege swindle, defame the character of individuals, or make other pejorative references will be deleted from the forum.

In January 2001, and running through June 2006, a weekly column was added to CED Digest called  Twenty Years Ago in CED History. This contains the major news events, popular culture happenings, and CED news (new title announcements, etc.) for the upcoming week when CED was on the market.


CED Digest Individual Issue Text Archives

The links below open up index pages where individual issues of CED Digest may be viewed. The CED Digest text archives may be searched with the CED Magic Search Engine.


CED Digest Complete Volume PDF Archives

Past complete volumes of CED Digest are available in the Portable Document Format files below. Archives aren't created until the end of the year, so to have access to CED Digest on a weekly basis, subscribe to the mailing list as described above. To view these archives, you need a PDF viewer plug-in for your web browser, or a PDF reader application like the freeware Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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