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Archive of All Featured CED's


A SelectaVision VideoDisc Presentation


The Adventures of Robin HoodSpring/Summer 1996: The Adventures of Robin Hood


Grease Mono VersionGrease Stereo VersionFall 1996: Grease (Mono and Stereo Versions)


NFL Football CED'sWinter 1997: NFL Football CED's


The WarriorsSpring 1997: The Warriors


Amarcord (The First Letterboxed Video Release)Summer 1997: Amarcord (The First Letterboxed Video Release)


The Nutcracker (1977)The Nutcracker (1978)Fall 1997: The Nutcracker (1977 and 1978 Productions)


A Walk Through the UniverseWinter 1998: A Walk Through the Universe (Interactive)


Raise the TitanicSpring 1998: Raise the Titanic


Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines (Disc 1)Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines (Disc 2)Summer 1998: Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines


The ShiningFall 1998: The Shining


Hot ShortsWinter 1999: Hot Shorts


Star Wars FOXStar Wars CBSSpring 1999: Star Wars (Variations)


Jason and the ArgonautsSummer 1999: Jason and the Argonauts


Star Trek:TMPVoyager RecordFall 1999: Star Trek: TMP and the Voyager Interstellar Record


Breaking AwayWinter 2000: Breaking Away


MegaforceSpring 2000: Megaforce


Memories of VideoDisc Side 1Memories of VideoDisc Side 2Summer 2000: Memories of VideoDisc


Man From Snowy RiverFall 2000: The Man from Snowy River


Aerobicise Beautiful WorkoutAerobicise Beginning WorkoutWinter 2001: Aerobicise Workout CED's


He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Volume 1He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Volume 2Spring 2001: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe


Monty Python And The Holy GrailSummer 2001: Monty Python and the Holy Grail


The HobbitLord of the RingsReturn of the KingFall 2001: Hobbit & Lord of the Rings & Return of the King


Lum Fong Side 1Lum Fong Side 2Winter 2002: Lum Fong


Amazing Spider-ManSpider-Man CartoonsSpring 2002: The Amazing Spider-Man & Spider-Man Cartoons


Riddle Of the SandsSummer 2002: The Riddle of the Sands (PAL)


ScroogeA Christmas CarolMickey's Christmas CarolFall 2002: Christmas Carol CED's


The GooniesWinter 2003: The Goonies


Green BeretsApocalypse NowSpring 2003: The Green Berets and Apocalypse Now


Demonstration Program Caddy Side 1Demonstration Program Caddy Side 2Summer 2003: SelectaVision Demonstration Programs


The War of the WorldsFall 2003: The War of the Worlds


From Russia With LoveOn Her Majestys Secret ServiceThe Spy Who Loved MeWinter 2004: James Bond 007 Movies


Longest Day D-Day 1944Longest Day D-Day 1944Spring 2004: The Longest Day


Treasure Island 1934Treasure Island 1950Summer 2004: Treasure Island (1934 and 1950 Versions)


Laura CED VideoDiscNipper Prototype LogoFall 2004: Laura (with Prototype Caddy Label)


The Breakfast ClubWinter 2005: The Breakfast Club


Aloha Conference Announcement VideoDiscAloha Conference Events VideoDiscSpring 2005: Aloha Conference CED's


Back to the FutureSummer 2005: Back to the Future


The Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeFall 2005: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe


King Kong 1933King Kong 1976Winter 2006: King Kong (1933 and 1976 Versions)


The Poseidon AdventureSpring 2006: The Poseidon Adventure


Silver StreakSummer 2006: Silver Streak


Treasure in Search of the Golden HorseFall 2006: Treasure: In Search of the Golden Horse


Service Alignment VideoDisc NTSCService Alignment VideoDisc PALWinter 2006: RCA Service Alignment Discs (NTSC and PAL)


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