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CED Magic Christmas Gift Items Over the Years


Starting in 2002 CED Magic began mailing out Christmas holiday gift items to CED enthusiasts. This page chronicles the items that have been sent. Click on the year to view a full-size image.


Christmas 2002 Holiday Gift Next Revolution Postcard 2002: Next Revolution Postcard - The postcard signed in red and green glitter ink was mailed out to everyone who had ever purchased anything from CED Magic. A number of them came back as undeliverable as seen in the photo. This mailing was used to develop an updated address database for the following year.


Christmas 2003 Holiday Gift 7-Color SelectaVision Pen 2003: 7-Color SelectaVision Pen - This year marked the 50th anniversary of War of the Worlds, which was the featured CED at the time. The 7-color pen uses red, green, and blue LEDs in a fashion somewhat analogous to color TV and the Martian eyes in the movie.


Christmas 2004 Holiday Gift 2004: Plush Nipper and Card - The 120th anniversary of Nipper was in 2004, and the card included with the dog contains the text of the press release RCA published 20 years earlier on his 100th anniversary.


Christmas 2005 Holiday Gift Fresnel Magnifier and Postcard 2005: Fresnel Magnifier and Postcard - This item was not actually mailed until just before March 22, 2006 to correspond with the 25th anniversary of the introduction of the RCA VideoDisc system. RCA had done a similar magnifier glass promotional item in 1979 corresponding with the 25th anniversary of color television.


Christmas 2006 Holiday Gift Vintage Television Blinkie 2006: Vintage Television Blinkie - This likeness of a vintage television contains several blinking LEDs and the CED logo on the screen. It can be attached magnetically to ferrous surfaces or with a clip to clothing.


Christmas 2007 Holiday Gift Mini Dynamo Light 2007: Mini Dynamo Light - The crank on this light can be spun to charge the internal battery or to simply power the light if the internal battery is discharged.


Christmas 2008 Holiday Gift CED Tote Bag 2008: CED Tote Bag - RCA once had a promotional canvas bag labeled "My Bag" that could be used to carry several CEDs. This green nylon bag is a similar item that can be worn as a backpack and has a large red CED logo at the center of the bag.


Christmas 2009 Holiday Gift Solar-Powered Flashlight 2009: Solar-Powered Flashlight - This item was available in six colors and contains a battery that can be recharged by placing the light in direct sunlight.


Christmas 2010 Holiday Gift Polypure Water Bottle 2010: Polypure Water Bottle - Came in red and green with the CED logo in white.


Christmas 2011 Holiday Gift Voice Recording Tape Measure 2011: Voice Recording Tape Measure - This tape measure contains a battery, microphone, speaker, and enough RAM to record an 11-second message. Pre-recorded on the tape measure is the SelectaVision Fanfare, which just barely fits in the available recording time.


Christmas 2012 Holiday Gift Mini Table Lamp 2012: Mini Table Lamp - This lamp folds down to the size of a credit card and when popped-up as shown has the CED logo illuminated on the light diffusing portion of the lamp.


Christmas 2013 Holiday Gift Mobile USB Power Bank 2013: Mobile USB Power Bank - This power bank came in a dozen colors and contains a 18650 lithium-ion power cell. The short USB cable (in ten colors) is used to charge the power bank. Then the cable is inverted to deliver the power bank's charge to a cell phone, or any device that can be charged or powered via USB.


Christmas 2014 Holiday Gift Miniature Bluetooth Speaker 2014: Miniature Bluetooth Speaker - This wireless speaker came in ten colors and can be used as the sound output device for anything with built-in Bluetooth like a cell phone, tablet, or computer. The speaker also contains a microphone and can be used as a speakerphone, automatically cutting music off for an incoming call, and then resuming when the call is over.


Christmas 2015 Holiday Gift 3D Laser Engraved USB Flash Drive 2015: Laser Engraved USB Flash Drive - USB flash drives that glow in red, green or blue when plugged into a computer. Custom 3D laser engraving was used to burn the CED logo in the middle of the crystal handle. And laser etching placed the CED logo on the metal gift box for the flash drive.


Christmas 2016 Holiday Gift Mobile USB Power Bank 2016: Mobile USB Power Bank - The power bank from 2013 proved to be the most popular holiday item to date, and after three years of sometimes heavy use those 2013 models were wearing out. So the same item was repeated in 2016, again with multiple colors for both the bank and the charging cable.


Christmas 2017 Holiday Gift Hand Crank USB Charger and Light 2017: Hand Crank USB Charger and Light - A USB charger that is cranked by hand to charge USB products. It will recharge the power banks that were CED Magic gifts in 2013 and 2016. Also included were two small USB stick lamps to use it as a flashlight while being cranked.


Christmas 2018 Holiday Gift Rechargeable Articulating COB Work Light 2018: Rechargeable Articulating COB Work Light - A worklight that includes a hook, magnetic base, and articulating arm to point the light in any direction. The LED array uses COB (chip on board) where multiple LEDs are mounted directly to the substrate, increasing the chip density to the extent that it looks like a single large LED. By holding down the power button for a few seconds, the LED array will change from white to red.


Christmas 2019 18-In-1 Snowflake Tool 2019: 18-In-1 Snowflake Tool - A keychain tool in the shape of a snowflake that provides 18 tool functions. Clockwise from the obverse CED logo these functions are 6mm Allen, 6mm wrench, 1/4" wrench, 5mm Allen, bottle opener, 5mm wrench, 4mm Allen, 12mm wrench, slotted screwdriver, box cutter, 7/16" wrench, Philips #2 screwdriver, 10mm wrench, Philips #3 screwdriver, 7mm wrench, and 8mm wrench. In the center by flipping the tool over are 13mm and 14mm wrenches.


Christmas 2020 SelectaVision VideoDisc Koozie Beverage Holder 2020: SelectaVision VideoDisc Koozie - A Koozie beverage holder with the original SelectaVision logo from the 1970s. The gray substrate color matches the background of the RCA Demonstration Program caddies from 1979.


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