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Owner's Manual for RCA 400 Series Interactive Players


SKT400 Manual Cover


These pages are scans of the owner's manual for the RCA SKT400 Random Access CED Player. The manuals for the SJT400 and SKT400 may be used interchangeably, since both players are identical in operation. The SKT400 manual was chosen because it eliminates the Function Mode terminology RCA used in the SJT400 manual, which added needless confusion to the procedures. Some people have wondered what the differences are between the "J" and "K" series, since outwardly they appear identical. The main differences are on the signal processing board, where a number of minor circuit changes were incorporated. The SKT400 Remote Control unit also has several icons on the keys updated to reflect symbology closer to industry standards.

Note that most of the scans are in the GIF file format to save disk space. GIFs are limited to 72 dots per inch, which accounts for the marginal quality of the text.

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