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CED Prices from the eBay Auction Site


After I completed the rarity rating in the CED Title Database, a common question I received was how soon would it include a dollar value for each title. Sometimes I even get lists of CED titles requesting that I assign a dollar value to each title. I was comfortable doing the rarity rating, because it was largely determined by quantitative means, but CED value is far more subjective, and it would be presumptuous (and inaccurate) to simply assign a dollar value to each CED title. This page is the nearest thing to a price guide that I can come up with at present, as it includes the actual prices CED's have sold for in eBay auctions over time. But even these auction prices need to be taken with a grain of salt, as there are a number of other factors to consider:


The following completed auction listings from the CED Category at eBay are in reverse chronological order according to the date and time the auction ended. The listings consist of five columns as follows: Note: The following price list has not been updated in some time, as eBay has abolished their specific CED Category thus making it difficult to effectively capture CED-focused listings. Try this somewhat generic completed auctions search to get an idea of what CED's are presently going for on eBay (requires eBay registration).

Click HERE to go to the price list (a large download).

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