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SelectaVision VideoDisc Player Manufacturing


CED Player Manufacturing


These images are derived from the 23 minute tour contained on Memories of VideoDisc. An automatic, continuous slide show of these pages can be enabled by using a mouse click macro on the links immediately above each image. This uses the same technique that is possible with the Collector's Guide CD-ROM. Go to the CD-ROM Support Page to learn how a macro can be set up.
  1. Display of a Disassembled CED Player
  2. Heat and Cold Stress Tests of Electronic Components
  3. Testing the Geography of Pre-fabricated Parts
  4. Electronic Component Tape Reel
  5. Master Signal Processing Board Without Components
  6. Station to Shake Metal Stakes into Mounting Posts
  7. Automatic Insertion of Electronic Components
  8. Signal Processing Board Without Integrated Circuits
  9. Board Build-up Line
  10. Solder Bath
  11. Signal Processing Board With Integrated Circuits
  12. Test and Alignment Station for Signal Processing Board
  13. Precision Tracking Arm
  14. Tracking Arm Final Test Station
  15. Direct Drive Turntable
  16. Turntable Being Magnetized
  17. Turntable Mounting and Height Adjustment
  18. Installation of the Auto-loading Mechanism
  19. Power Transformer Installation
  20. Stop Station Assembly Line
  21. Troubleshooting Station
  22. 500 Hours of Continuous Play
  23. Shielded Testing Room
  24. Shipping Tab Installation
  25. CED Player Drop Test
  26. The Final Product

Manufacturing TourComplete Manufacturing Tour

This is the complete 23 minute tour of SelectaVision VideoDisc and Player production facilities hosted by YouTube.

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