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RCA Press Release for May 12, 1981 No. 2


Four VCR's Introduced by RCA in New Line as Industry Heads for $1 Billion In Sales

LAS VEGAS, May 12 -- RCA today introduced four table model video cassette recorders aimed at strengthening the company's leadership position in an expanding VCR industry that is expected to exceed $1 billion in retail sales this year.

David E. Daly, division vice president for product planning for the RCA Consumer Electronics Division, also said the VCR industry "has a very real possibility of reaching 1.5 million unit sales in 1981," up from 804,000 units last year.

He said that industry VCR sales are presently running 83 percent ahead of last year's level "as the product category benefits from a higher awareness level among the more affluent segment of the consumer video market. "

The four new table models contain more features than previous models, Mr. Daly said. RCA's new top-of-the-line model VFT650 contains an infrared remote control that eliminates the need for a wired connection to the recorder.

RCA also introduced a deluxe color camera that features a Newvicon tube that is highly sensitive to low light and requires less illumination than conventional camera vidicons. "This type of tube has previously been featured only in the more expensive commercial video cameras," Mr. Daly noted.

The new lead model in RCA's VCR line is the VFT190, more compact than last year's model, and featuring soft-touch function controls. The VFT190 has a 24-hour start-stop timer, remote pause control and is open-listed in retail price.

RCA's model VFT250 features electronic tuning with soft-touch controls, remote pause with channel change and picture search, and a new feature -- still or stop action in the SLP mode. Other features on the VFT250 are a 4-digit counter, automatic tape rewind and 24-hour electronic clock/timer. The VFT250 has a suggested list price of $1,075.

The highlight of RCA's model VFT450 is a tuner capable of tuning a selection of any 14 channels from the mid and 13 super band cable channels as well as tuning regular VHF wide UHF channels. The VFT450 also includes the still or stop action feature in the SLP mode, a 2-week/8-program timer and optional infrared remote capability. The VFT450 is offered at an optional retail price of $1,200.

RCA's deluxe model VFT650 features the cable-ready tuner and a built-in infrared sensor with a wireless remote hand unit that contains the most frequently used operational deck controls as well as the special effects of still frame, frame advance, double speed, variable slow motion and picture search. The model will be available in August.

Filling out the VCR line is RCA's "convertible" model VFP170, introduced earlier as both a table model and portable recorder. The VFP170 has an optional retail price of $1,400.

In the video camera line, RCA added the CC011 deluxe color camera with a Newvicon tube to the previously introduced CC005 and CC010 models. The Newvicon tube is non-burning and very sensitive to low light with a minimum illumination of 50 lux.

The CC011 also features 2-speed power zoom lens (8:1, f1.8), automatic fade control, automatic white balance, auto/manual iris adjustment battery-warning indicator and compatibility switch. The CC011 weighs 5.8 lbs. and carries a suggested list price of $1,400.

To compliment the RCA camera line-up is an optional accessory called a lens extender, the LX150. This 1.5X lens extender will make a 6:1 lens magnify to the same degree as a 9:1 lens, or an 8:1 lens magnify to a 12:1 lens level. The LX150 will carry an optional list price of $89.95 and can be used with models CC007, CC010 or the new CC011.

Also new in RCA's accessory line are two microphones. One, the DC001, is a unidirectional microphone that attaches to a clip on top of the camera and plugs into the microphone jack on the rear of the camera. The DC001 is very directional and has good sound rejection on both sides and from the rear, and is very desirable when used in large crowds or in a noisy environment. The DC001 is optionally priced at $34.95.

The second microphone is the new WM001. This is a wireless microphone which consists of two parts -- the transmitter with a clip-on mike and the receiving unit which mounts on top of the camera. The WM001 can be used at well over 200 feet and retails for an optional $189. 95.

There are also two remote hand units in the accessory line that can be used with either the VFT250 or VFT450 recorders. The WR001 is a 9-function wired remote for an optional retail price of $34. 95; and the IR002, which is a 9-function wireless infrared remote unit for an optional retail price of $100.


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