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RCA Press Release for May 27, 1981


RCA to Offer Video Disc of Mel Brooks' New Film 'The History of the World: Part 1'

RCA Corporation, under an agreement with Brooksfilms, Ltd., will release Mel Brooks' new comedy film, "The History of the World: Part 1," on its "SelectaVision" VideoDisc system, it was announced today by Seth M. Willenson, RCA staff vice president, programs and business affairs.

"The History of the World: Part 1" is a comedy extravaganza which begins its nationwide theatrical release this June. RCA plans to release the new Brooks' comedy video disc this fall.

Mel Brooks sums up the spirit of this comedy in his own words: "I am going to tell the truth -- whether it's true or not."

"The History of the World: Part 1" is Mel Brooks' wildly satiric vision of human evolution from the Dawn of Man to the French Revolution . . . an epic tale of man's self-sacrifice and devotion -- not to mention his greed, savagery, lust, and paranoia . . . a madcap saga of how both sublime and wretched it is to be a human being in this most imperfect of worlds.

Mel Brooks produced and directed the film from his own original screenplay. He also stars in several key roles. Supporting Brooks is an all-star cast, including some of America's foremost comic talents: Dom DeLuise, Madeline Kahn, Harvey Korman, Cloris Leachman, Ron Carey, Shecky Greene, Howard Morris, Jackie Mason, Sid Caesar, Gregory Hines, Charlie Callas and many more.

Mr. Willenson said, "RCA is pleased to be able to offer this latest Mel Brooks feature on the CED disc format shortly after its theatrical debut.

"The opportunity to acquire video disc rights on a pre-buy basis can enable RCA to continue its policy of releasing current motion pictures at the earliest possible date."


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