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RCA Press Release for May 12, 1981


RCA Adds 26 New Titles to its Strong-Selling VideoDisc Catalog

LAS VEGAS, May 12 -- James Bond, Inspector Clouseau, John Wayne and Mary Tyler Moore have one thing in common -- they're featured on some of the 26 new video discs being added to RCA's catalog this summer.

The 26 new titles bring the total number of programs available from RCA to 126.

Howard M. Ballon, director of market planning for "SelectaVision" VideoDiscs, announced the new titles today to RCA distributors at a national sales meeting here. He said, "Sales of RCA video discs have exceeded expectations, and the addition of these new titles will help build and maintain consumer interest in RCA's expanding video disc catalog."

RCA has increased production of its more popular video discs such as "Rocky," "Grease," "Saturday Night Fever," "Star Trek -- The Motion Picture" and others in response to consumer demand, Mr. Ballon said. A number of new discs, including "Airplane!," "Urban Cowboy," and the James Bond classic. "Goldfinger," have been moved up to a June release date.

Mr. Ballon noted that "Airplane!, "Paramount's most successful picture in 1980, has not yet appeared on cable or commercial TV. "Goldfinger," which has not been released on video cassette, represents the first in a series of James Bond movies to be offered on RCA VideoDiscs.

Other exciting new titles to be released by RCA this summer are "Ordinary People," winner of four Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and "The Pink Panther," starring Peter Sellers.

In its first six weeks on the market, RCA's VideoDisc system has achieved the most successful introduction of any major electronic product in history.

Basing his remarks on early sales information, Mr. Ballon said the average video disc buyer now owns close to eight discs. "Titles like 'Rocky,' 'The Godfather,' 'Heaven Can Wait' and 'The Muppet Movie' have been our strongest sellers. In six weeks, these titles have sold close to 15,000 copies each."

RCA's initial video disc catalog offered the consumer 100 titles -- up to 60 available at retail and the remaining 40 available through a Quick Delivery Service (QDS). All 40 QDS titles have registered good sales with "Star Trek -- The Motion Picture," "The Dirty Dozen" and "The Longest Day" leading the way. Because of its popularity, "Star Trek -- The Motion Picture" will be transferred from the QDS list to retail availability in July.

"QDS has given us instant information on the appeal of specific titles," Mr. Ballon said. "This span of interest in titles from narrow to broader interest is strong encouragement that the consumer is receptive to much more than movies. Our 26 new titles, together with the titles already available, give RCA's catalog a broader and more exciting mix of programs for video disc."

Other well-known movie titles included in the new summer releases are: "North Dallas Forty," "Chinatown," "American Gigolo," "The Great Escape," "War of the Worlds," "The Shootist," "Farewell, My Lovely," "Fantastic Voyage," "The Apple Dumpling Gang," and "Harold and Maude."

RCA's new offerings from the Television category are: "The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman," and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Vol. l." "A Doll's House," starring Jane Fonda, is RCA's new offering in the Performing Arts category.

In the Music/Variety category RCA is introducing: "The Last Waltz," a rock film capturing The Band in its farewell concert with many guest stars appearing, including Bob Dylan; "Don Kirshner Presents -- Rock Concert, Vol. 1," with 17 performances by Motown superstars, Billy Preston, The Commodores, Smokey Robinson, and Bonnie Pointer; "King Creole," the Elvis Presley musical; "Paul Simon in Concert," and "Richard Pryor -- Live in Concert."

Two new releases from the Sports area are: "Wimbledon 1979 and 1980," and "The Miracle of Lake Placid."

Finally, a Program of Special Interest will be added to the catalog, two highly acclaimed NBC documentaries on one disc: "The American Alcoholic," and "Reading, Writing and Reefer."


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