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RCA Press Release for February 12, 1981 No. 2


RCA Names Jack Sauter Group Vice President

The RCA Corporation Board of Directors has elected Jack K. Sauter a group vice president, Executive Vice President Roy H. Pollack announced today.

As a group vice president, Mr. Sauter will direct both the company's Consumer Electronics Division and the Distributor and Special Products Division, Mr. Pollack said. Mr. Sauter will report to Mr. Pollack.

From August 1, 1979 Mr. Sauter was vice president and general manager of the Consumer Electronics Division which he will continue to direct. Donald M. Cook, division vice president and general manager of the Distributor and Special Products Division since June 12, 1979, will report to Mr. Sauter.

In his new capacity, Mr. Sauter will supervise the manufacture, distribution and sale of RCA consumer products such as television receivers, home video cassette recorders and the "SelectaVision" VideoDisc player being offered to the public next month.

The Distributor and Special Products Division manufactures and markets parts and accessories for the consumer products and other RCA equipment.

Mr. Sauter joined the Consumer Electronics Division in 1975. He served four years as division vice president for marketing. In January 1979 he was named division vice president and general manager and eight months later was elected vice president of the division.

He joined RCA in 1950 as an advertising field representative. He became sales manager of the RCA Victor Western regional operations. In 1957 he moved into the Division's sales development activity. Mr. Sauter was appointed manager of the RCA Sales Corporation's TV sales, planning and development in November 1960. Four years later he was appointed a vice president of the RCA Sales Corporation. In 1966 he was named executive vice president of that RCA subsidiary.

A native Californian, Mr. Sauter was graduated from UCLA with a bachelor of arts degree in 1947.


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