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RCA Press Release for February 12, 1981


RCA Introduces 9-Inch ColorTrak Receiver and Compact Modular Design in VCR Portable

ATLANTA, Feb. 12 --- RCA today broadened its line of ColorTrak television receivers with the addition of a new small screen size, a nine-inch (diagonal) portable model that also provides instant weather radio reports.

At the same time, RCA also introduced its largest color receiver, a 50-inch projection model with an optional retail price of $3,199.95.

The new nine-inch ColorTrak receiver is available in two models. The EFR291 is in gray or white, with an optional retail price of $349.95. A deluxe version in silver finish with weatherband radio and AC/DC capability, is optionally retail priced at $409.95.

David E. Daly, vice president for product planning of the RCA Consumer Electronics Division, said RCA's expansion of ColorTrak into every direct view screen size it offers is a result of the public's increasing preference for better quality television products. "Undoubtedly, the consumer is becoming increasingly aware of the new video accessory products coming on the market that should be played through better performing television receivers," Mr. Daly said.

In RCA's home video cassette recorder line, a new "convertible" model that serves as both an in-home player and portable has been introduced to serve an expanding segment of the VCR business. The new VFP170 weighs only 11 pounds, including battery, making it the lightest portable home recorder on the market today according to Mr. Daly.

Optionally retail priced at $1,400, the extremely compact VFP170 includes 14-day programming capability, electronic tuning, and such special effects as stop action, double speed, variable slow motion, frame advance and full function remote control.

The VFP 170 modular system consists of a programmable tuner/timer module and a separate six-hour recorder that can operate as a portable for over an hour using a built-in rechargeable battery. When both units are placed side by side, the VFP170 resembles a table model that is smaller than current VCR table models.

RCA has also introduced in its VCR line a deluxe color camera, model CC010, featuring for the first time an f 1.8 - 8x1 two speed power zoom lens. Optionally retail priced at $1,050, the CC010 color camera includes an electronic viewfinder, fade in/fade out capability, power saver switch, boom microphone and automatic manual iris control.

Mr. Daly said that the camera also includes a compatibility switch to make it fully functional with virtually all VHS-type portables, "a pointed indication of RCA's intention of establishing a major business in color cameras apart from our own brand of VCR players."

ColorTrak receivers will now be available at more popular price points in all screen sizes "so that more consumers can be exposed to the best feature package, the best picture tube, and our ChanneLock electronic quartz tuning."

A model in RCA's strategy of emphasizing ColorTrak receivers is the new FFR465, a manual 19-inch receiver with deluxe features and an optional retail price of $499.95. The set is available in both walnut and pewter-like finishes.

The new VFM575 or Video Monitor provides for multiple connections of video accessories such as a VCR and VideoDisc player. The new 19-inch Video Monitor is optionally retail priced at $699.95.

In the small screen area, three 13-inch models have been introduced including RCA's first ColorTrak receiver in that screen size. Model EFR335, with keyboard tuning, digital LED display and light sensor, has an optional retail price of $409.95.

The other 13-inch receivers carry the XL-100 designation beginning with the EFR330, which is open listed, and the EFR333, carrying a $349 95 optional retail price.

RCA's black-and-white television line begins with a pair of five-inch AC/DC models with FM/AM radio. Model AFR055, in bronze, has an optional retail price of $179.95, and the step-up unit, AFR057, includes a digital clock and weatherband in its $209.95 optional retail price.

Two nine-inch models, the AFR095 and AFR097, are optionally retail priced at $129.95 and $199.95, respectively. The AFR095, in a choice of leather, brown, fog white or silver finishes, is AC/DC ready while the step-up AFR097 includes batteries for DC as well as AC operation.

RCA counts four 12-inch models in its new line, as well as two 19-inch receivers. The lead models in both screen sizes are open listed in price.


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