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CED Digest Vol. 7 No. 1  •  1/5/2002


20 Years Ago In CED History:

January 6, 1982:
* Archbishop Jozef Glemp, the Roman Catholic primate of Poland, tells a
congregation in Warsaw's St. John's Cathedral that those who signed oaths
renouncing Solidarity were coerced by the government and the oaths have no

January 7, 1982:
* Presidential counselor Edwin Meese III reads a statement that reverses
President Reagan's pre-election stand against the registration of 18-year-old
males for a possible future military draft.
* The Winter 1982 Consumer Electronics Show begins in Las Vegas, Nevada. While
a year earlier the RCA VideoDisc system had been one of the most prominent
introductions, at the 1982 show the VHD VideoDisc holds the spotlight with a
large display space sporting the slogan "There's More to See on VHD." Other
notable video-related introductions include the Technicolor CVC mini-cassette
VCR system, the first tubeless consumer video camera, and the first Pioneer
LaserDisc player with CX noise reduction.
A picture of the VHD booth at the Winter 1982 CES can be seen at this URL: January 8, 1982: * Spokesmen for the American Telephone & Telegraph Company (AT&T) and the U.S. Department of Justice announce the settlement of a seven-year-old antitrust case which will result in AT&T divesting itself of 22 telephone companies, effectively breaking up the monopoly. * Future CED title in widespread theatrical release: Four Friends. January 9, 1982: * A frigid blast of arctic air arrives in the United States bringing with it a week of record low temperatures. January 10, 1982: * The late Liu Shao-chi, China's discredited former chief of state, is restored to favor as government authorities allow his memoirs to go on sale in Beijing. January 11, 1982: * The Reagan Administration announces that it will continue to help Taiwan produce F-5E fighter planes, but will not sell more advanced models. China issues a strong protest. * In Brussels, at the first emergency meeting ever held by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), foreign ministers of 14 member countries issue a communique denouncing the Soviet Union of its active support of repression by the martial law regime in Poland. January 12, 1982: * To counter a serious recession, Canada creates a Ministry of State for Economic Development and reorganizes other federal agencies. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2001 13:12:48 -0500 From: RLB <rosieb> To: Subject: CED repair Have an RCA model SFT 100 that needs repair (or I'll end up selling it for parts and selling my collection). Does anyone accept these by UPS to repair? Or, alternately, does any know of someone in Virginia or DC that will work on it? I'm in Richmond. It played fine when it played, but for years I'd had to manually advance it to get it to begin each side. Now it loads fine and spins up, but won't advance at all (either to play or fast forward) and the arm with the stylus won't move from the rearmost (load) position. (I've tried pretty hard, but don't want to force it.) I've looked over the CED Magic website (thanks, Tom. Great job.) but am not adept at working with electronics and can't begin to even disassemble the machine. I'd had it in a shop here that promised they could "fix anything" but they had "a part on order" (they said) for three years and went out of business before getting it to work. I was lucky to retrieve it at all. Thanks! Rosanna ------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Tony Cook <tonycook1966> To: Subject: CED on CBS' "60 Minutes" recently? Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2001 15:55:03 -0600 Had heard that there was some kind of mention of CED on either "60 Minutes" or "60 Minutes II" recently. Is this correct? Does anyone know what was said about CED? Thanks ------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Dj3928 Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2001 18:46:10 EST Subject: Front Panel Switch Repair on SJT & SKT Players. To: Hello to All, I have Found a Fix for the SJT & SKT Players with a Defective Front MEMBRANE Switch assembly. When the Switch Assembly is Bad, Some or All of the Front Buttons wont work(EX.Pause/Rev/Fwd). The Switch usually Fails on Players where the Front has been Removed numerous times. The Connections fail where the Membrane material is Connected to the Pins that plug into the Wiring Harness going to the Microprocessor Circuit. If the end of the Switch Assembly gets bent very many times, if will break the Connections where the Membrane Material mates to the Metal Pins. The FIX is to Buy a Defroster Repair Kit at an Auto Parts Store. It has a Bottle of Copper Paint,a Small brush and a Template. Step 1: Pull back the Plastic Cover over the end of the Switch assembly where the Metal Pins are. Step 2:Clean off the Connectors & the Foil Path about a 1/4" back with Alcohol. Step 3: Paint each Connection and its Corresponding Foil Path and let dry. Step 4: Then Repaint over each Connection so there are 2 coats of the Repair Paint on each one. Step 5: Check to Make sure You dont have Foil Paths together as the Paint may Run into the Path Next to it. You can take a Small Screwdriver or a Knife and Clean between the 2 Paths. Step 6: Reinstall the Front and check for operation. This Fix does take some time, but if You have a Bad Front Assembly, its the Only way You can Repair the Player as the Switch is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Enjoy the Website! Darrell ------------------------------------------------------------------------ To: Date: Tue, 01 Jan 2002 12:32:24 -0800 From: "Tom Howe" <> Subject: RE: Widescreen CED's >I am curious if any of these videos were produced in widescreen. >thank you There were five CED titles released in widescreen format. You can learn more about these in Featured CED's No. 7 and No. 21: --Tom ------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: "gene henley" <the_tinman> To: Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2002 07:31:50 +0800 Subject: for sale i'm not sure this is the proper way to do this so my apologies if i am not using proper protocol. I have an RCA SelectaVision SJT 400 Video Disc Player that doesn't work well but was rarely used so i don't know what's wrong with it. i also have about ten discs that i would like to sell as well. 1. the muppet movie 2. Paddington Bear Vol 1 and 2 3. The Big Chill 4. MASH goodbye Farewell Forever 5. Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid 6. Emanuelle 7. The Electric Horseman 8. Fast Times at Ridgemont High 9. Risky Business 10. Kramer vs. Kramer 11. Making Love 12. Star 80 i would welcome any offers. thank you.


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