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CED Digest Vol. 6 No. 52  •  12/29/2001


20 Years Ago In CED History:

December 30, 1981:
* NASA announces future plans for the first manned excursion outside the
space shuttle to service the malfunctioning Solar Maximum payload
launched in 1980.

December 31, 1981:
* Ghana's civilian president Hilla Limann is ousted in a bloody coup by
former military ruler Jerry Rawlings.

* Video Magazine's Outstanding VideoDiscs of 1981 (both LaserVision and

Overall Excellence in Sight and Sound:
LV:  Star Trek - The Motion Picture
CED: Fame

Best Disc to Show Off System:
LV:  Flash Gordon (1980)
CED: Barbarella

Best Picture Quality:
LV:  The Sting
CED: Star Trek - The Menagerie

Best Sound Quality:
LV:  Paul Simon
CED: My Fair Lady

Best Educational Program for Adults:
LV:  How to Watch Pro Football
CED: Complete Tennis from the Pros, Vol. 1

Best Educational Program for Kids:
LV:  The First National Kidisc
CED: As We Grow

Best Unintentional Comedy:
LV:  Jazz-Er-Cise
CED: Julia Child: The French Chef, Vol. 1

Best Documentary Program:
LV:  Great Figures in History: John F. Kennedy
CED: Great Figures in History: John F. Kennedy

Best Transfer Quality:
LV:  Grease, Popeye, Elephant Man (tie)
CED: The War of the Worlds

* MTV hosts the first New Year's Eve Rock 'N Roll Ball.

January 1, 1982:
* Clemson defeats Nebraska 22-15 in the Orange Bowl in Miami for the
National Collegiate Football Championship.

* New CED title releases (as listed in the January 1982 issue of Video):

Back Roads
Bells Are Ringing
Big Red One, The
Cousin Cousine
Day at the Races, A
No Nukes: The Muse Concert
Rio Lobo
Sunshine Boys, The
Treasure Island [1934]

* Future CED title in widespread theatrical release: Body and Soul.

January 2, 1982:
* Ahmed Fuad Mohieddin is named premier of Egypt by President Hosni

January 3, 1982:
* President Chun Doo Hwan of South Korea dismisses Prime Minister Nam
Duck Woo and five other cabinet members. Yoo Chang Soon is named as
Nam's successor.

January 4, 1982:
* Richard Allen resigns as White House national security advisor,
climaxing a scandal over his acceptance of a questionable payment from a
Japanese magazine. William F. Clark, Jr. is named his successor.
* In the current issue, Time Magazine names Poland's Lech Walesa as the 
1981 Man of the Year.

January 5, 1982:
* A federal judge overturns an Arkansas law requiring the teaching of
creation science in classes where evolution is taught.

From: "Harry Libby" <fiddy>
To: <>
Subject: CEDs  
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2001 09:41:12 -0500

Tom  I have acquired quite a few part 1 or part 2 discs of about 20 or
so  different titles if anyone is looking for any of these they can
email me and I can let them know if by chance I have the ones they need.
I would like to know if anyone has part 1 of Clock Work Orange or part 1
of Looking for Mr. Goodbar.  Thank you  Harry Libby 


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