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Featured CED VideoDisc No. 5 - Summer 1997


Amarcord CED Letterbox Statement

Fellini's Amarcord:
The First Letterboxed Video Release

Amarcord CED As the above banner from the back of the VideoDisc caddy states, the CED title Amarcord has continuous letterboxing from start to finish, the first video release to feature this style of mastering. Amarcord was released exclusively on CED in January 1984, eight months before Woody Allen's Manhattan, which is often mistakenly considered the first letterboxed video release. Letterboxing was used to a limited extent prior to Amarcord, but it was limited to just the opening or closing credits to eliminate noticeable cutoff at the edges of the television screen. The CED title Woodstock also used letterboxing on those few portions of the documentary where the split screen imaging was used. A total of five CED titles were released in the letterbox format, as detailed in the following table:


 Letterboxed CED Title  Packaging Date  Release Date
 Amarcord  1983  January 1984
 Monty Python & the Holy Grail  1983  February 1984
 The Long Goodbye  1983  March 1984
 King of Hearts (RCA)  1984  July 1984
 Manhattan  1984  August 1984


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