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CED Digest Vol. 5 No. 7  •  2/19/2000


Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 03:09:32 -0800
From: Tom Howe <>
Subject: RCA Concept Products at Consumer Electronics Show

Hello All:

In keeping with their push to be an innovator again, RCA (Thomson)
displayed a number of cool concept products at the recent CES in Las Vegas.
At this URL is a picture of a CD player that you lay down on its side to
become a DVD player with built-in screen.,3679,2425635,00.html

And here is a DVD Recorder/Projector combo with the DVD and old RCA
lightning bolt logo adjacent to each other.,3681,2419489,00.html


From: KatGlen1
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 18:46:25 EST
Subject: Re: CED Digest Vol. 5 No. 6

In a message dated 2/13/00 William wrote:

<< but any degreasing dish soap will work >>

This sounds like a very bad idea to me.  It would remove all the lubricant
that was placed on the disc at the factory.


From: KatGlen1
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 18:51:37 EST
Subject: Re: CED Digest Vol. 5 No. 6

In a message dated 2/13/00 Pete wrote:
<< Some of them
 obviously were subject to lots of abuse. >>

I remember in the 80's when I lived in Sacramento Advanced TV was very much
into CED's and carried almost every title for sale and rented them all as
well.  I tried renting a couple of times and the discs were in such horrible
condition they actually would not play for more than a few minutes without
skipping.  It was so bad I could not watch the disc side all the way through.
 Renting CED's was a very bad idea!


From: "gfearn" <gfearn>
To: <>
Subject: Subscribe
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 21:19:46 -0800

My name is Gord and I have a fairly good collection of CED movies.  I enjoy
this hobby but have a couple of questions.  I presently have a Toshiba
VP100C player and an RCA Player SFT100W player.  The Toshiba works great
but I'm afraid the RCA stylus is wore out.  My questions are:  How long can
I expect these machines to last if I get new styluses? And how do I know if
the belts are wore out?  I would hate to spend $$ on a new stylus to find
out the belts are gone.    Any help you could provide would be greatly

Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 02:50:29 EST
Subject: VHD inquiry

Are there any fellow CED collectors that happen to have information regarding
the VHD VideoDisc system?  I saw it displayed at the 1981 or 1982 Consumer
Electronics Show in Chicago and have a color brouchure from the VHD
consortium announcing players and discs.  Though it never did make it to the
U.S. market, I know VHD did sell in Japan for a number of years.  I'm
interested in obtaining a VHD player and a handful of discs.  Anybody out
there have any suggestions or possible help on this quest?


Tony Cook


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