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CED Digest Vol. 5 No. 6  •  2/12/2000


Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2000 22:58:35 -0600
From: w-corleone

I have had problems with my ced they would skip and they would have poor
visual quality, and I decided to do something about it.  I took 2 of the
ced and pulled out the disc's themselves, and washed them down with dawn
dish soap, but any degreasing dish soap will work, and I rinched them off
under warm, not hot, but warm water.  I dryed them off with some fotton
soft typoe tolet paper, and then I wiped them down with rubbing alachol.
Then I dryed them again.  THis worked for somethings, but it didn't work
for the visable scratches.  Radio shack makes a CD/Lasrdisc cleaning kit.
 it comes with cleaning wands, they look like oversized q-tips, and
polishing cloths; it also has a cleaning soulition, and a scratch remover
past.  That works wonders on monor scratches in my ced's, and it is only
around $10.00  Just thought you could use this information


From: "Peter Veach" <pete>
To: "CED Digest" <>
Subject: SKT400 Player
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2000 03:33:39 -0600
Importance: Normal

I have received my SKT400. Wow, nice machine.
The unit required some minor repair after shipping. The turntable had
settled and was rubbing on the deck. The spindle had been driven past the
keeper. Also the Stylus cantilever had come apart from the stylus housing.
Pretty minor stuff.

The performance is noticeably better than the SGT250. Also on a few discs
that skipped rather badly on the 250 play much better on the 400. The color
is better, and the picture is "cleaner".
It's too bad that so many of the disc's out there are damaged. Some of them
obviously were subject to lots of abuse.

Looking for a good copy of "The Mountain Men", email if you have a copy to



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