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CED Digest Vol. 5 No. 8  •  2/26/2000


From: Cleggsan
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 18:22:16 EST
Subject: Re: CED Digest Vol. 5 No. 7

In a message dated 2/20/00 10:42:58 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

>  Are there any fellow CED collectors that happen to have information
> regarding
>  the VHD VideoDisc system?  I saw it displayed at the 1981 or 1982 Consumer
>  Electronics Show in Chicago and have a color brouchure from the VHD
>  consortium announcing players and discs.  Though it never did make it to
>  U.S. market, I know VHD did sell in Japan for a number of years.  I'm
>  interested in obtaining a VHD player and a handful of discs.  Anybody out
>  there have any suggestions or possible help on this quest?
>  Thanks,
>  Tony Cook
>  thx70mmdts

Yes, Tony, there is VHD.  It was championed by JVC and at the last minute
they decided not to bring it into the USA market.  And, in Japan, it was only
briefly used for playback of movies and general entertainment.  The main
usage for VHD during the 80s and early 90s was for Karaoke.  You can still
purchase these products in Japan.  Also, some websites here in the USA are
peddling various Karaoke products.  In California, LA area in particular,
there is quite a lot of Karaoke business still going on.

The best place to get started is to communicate with JVC  (Victor Company of
Japan, Yokohama) who can lead you along the way. Unfortunately, I don't have
any contacts for you.  The ones that I used to know have all retired (and in
many cases passed away, such as Mr. Inoue, a giant of a leader fromJVC during
the early days of video disc developments).

Good luck,
Almon H. Clegg

From: ChadBeaky
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 13:19:10 EST
Subject: Re: CED Digest Vol. 5 No. 7


From: "kathy martin" <kmartin16>
Subject: Wanted RCA CED player
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 11:20:08 PST

I would like to obtain a front loading RCA CED player from the 80's.  It
should be in good condition and in working order.  Please respond directly
to me at

From: ChadBeaky
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2000 09:42:31 EST
Subject: Re: CED Digest Vol. 5 No. 5

still having problems removing the turntable in my 100w Can you help me out

Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2000 22:58:42 -0800
From: Tom Howe <>
Subject: Richard Sonnenfeldt on History Channel TV Show

Richard Sonnenfeldt, who was in charge of VideoDisc operations at RCA for
several years, was interviewed on the History Channel's "History
Undercover" Show that aired today. This show had nothing to do with
VideoDiscs, but concerned the life of Albert Goering, brother of Hermann
Goering (Hitler's right-hand man). Richard Sonnenfeldt was chief
interpreter at the Nuremburg Trials and eventually determined the innocence
of Albert Goering.

After the trials, Sonnenfeldt became an engineer and rose thorough the
ranks at RCA, picking up a few dozen patents along the way. He was in
charge of VideoDisc operations from 1975 until 1979, and is the one usually
seen in publicity photos from this period. He was replaced by Roy Pollack
for the final push to market phase, possibly for political reasons, and
went on to work at NBC.

The History Undercover broadcast "The Real Albert Goering" will repeat on
Saturday, March 4 at 3 pm ET/12 pm PT.



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