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Gene Eddy with RCA SelectaVision VBT-200 VCR Kiosk


VBT-200 VHS VCR Kiosk

RCA Marketing Services Vice President Gene Eddy demonstrates SelectaVision's in-store merchandising display including the VBT200 VCR and a Black-and-White video camera attached to an RCA 19" television. The SelectaVision video cassette recorder had an optional retail price of $1,000 at the time of introduction and included the RV001 remote on a 20-foot cord providing the Pause function.

Blank RCA video cassettes came in two lengths in 1977. The two-hour tape retailed at $17.95 and the four-hour tape at $24.95. The two optional video cameras retailed at $300 and $400. The higher-priced BW002 camera featured a zoom lens and through-the-lens viewing and focusing, while the lower-priced BW001 camera was focused by observing the image on the screen of an attached television. An additional accessory for the VBT200 was the highly sensitive MC001 microphone selling for $10.95.

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