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RCA VideoDisc Exercise and Workout Videos


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Jane Fonda's Workout Sample Image

Jane Fonda's Workout

The first workout video released on CED in July 1982 and also the first dual audio disc available in the CED format. With dual audio exercise discs it's possible to listen to just the music, without spoken instructions, by activating a switch on the player or on the remote control with some players. This disc was one of the twelve discs RCA announced along with their new stereo SGT200 and SGT250 players in May 1982. The credits at the opening of the disc state "RCA SelectaVision VideoDiscs in Association with Karl Home Video Present...," and interestingly enough the VHS and Beta tapes of this video state the same thing, as this production was jointly managed by RCA. RCA also participated in the production of the other Jane Fonda workout videos. Fitness guru Leslie Lilien appears to the right of Jane, and she's in the same spot on the final CED exercise video "New Workout" in 1985, when she sings a snappy aerobics song.
• Jane Fonda • Steve Brourman
• Beverly Brown • Carol Gutierrez
• Penny Lynn Hauge • Leslie Lilien
• Ed Oster • Doreen Rivera
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