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RCA VideoDisc Exercise and Workout Videos


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New Video Aerobics Sample Image

New Video Aerobics

The first aerobics workout ever available on video is often considered "Video Aerobics" from 1979 with Leslie Lilien being the star of the production. She appears on the left here in an updated video aerobics produced in 1982, and she was also in two of the Jane Fonda workout CED's. The updated workout was released on CED by Vestron Video in August 1983. This disc is perhaps the most straight forward of the exercise discs and comes closest to emulating a real-world class. At one point the microphone worn by co-instructor Julie Lavin (on right) comes loose and is rather distractingly bouncing around. It always surprises me that they didn't bother to re-tape that segment.
• Leslie Lilien • Julie Lavin
• Victoria Shea • Ingrid Hasserjian
• Constance Pagano • Penny Lynn Hauge
• Cindy Lee Sawyer • Tina Fottler
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