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RCA VideoDisc Exercise and Workout Videos


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Jane Fonda's Workout PBR Sample Image

Jane Fonda's Workout for Pregnancy, Birth, and Recovery

Jane Fonda's second workout video in the CED format, this one specifically designed for expectant and recent mothers. The picture is from the workout with your baby section, a concept that seems to have not caught on very well, although someone may have remembered it when conceiving the dancing baby on Ally McBeal. This disc was put out by RCA VideoDiscs in association with Karl Video Corp. as by this time RCA had started calling CED's "RCA VideoDiscs" rather than "RCA SelectaVision VideoDiscs."
• Jane Fonda • Femmy DeLyser
• Marianne Black • Susan Kawashima-Blake
• Nikila Ellis • Tovah Feldshuh-Levy
• Merrill Grinnell • Nancy Kaufman
• Jenny Lama • Lauretta Walker
• Justin Blake • Sara Austin Ellis
• Benjamin Grinnell • Nicole Lama-Sartori
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