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RCA Press Release for September 24, 1981


RCA's First Discs-Only Advertising Campaign Will Use Radio Spots for Pre-Christmas Sales

RCA "SelectaVision" VideoDiscs will begin its first "discs-only" advertising campaign this fall using five national radio networks, it was announced today by Howard M. Ballon, director of market planning.

The discs-only radio campaign will supplement the major television and print advertising campaign for the RCA video disc system being conducted by RCA's Consumer Electronics Division through its advertising agency, Leo Burnett.

The radio spots, which emphasize the wide diversity of programs available on RCA video discs, were created for RCA by Dancer-Fitzgerald-Sample, the New York-based agency retained by RCA "SelectaVision" VideoDiscs for software-only advertising. The theme of the radio campaign is: "This Christmas, give magic -- the magic of the RCA video disc system. Records that play pictures. On your TV."

Mr. Ballon said, "Discs-only radio advertising will provide the perfect complement to the massive national television and print advertising campaign recently initiated by RCA. We are spending close to $1 million on radio alone, and this will give us leadership in that medium during the very important pre-Christmas selling season."

Mr. Ballon said that the radio ads will be aired in the six-week pre-Christmas period, November 2 to December 13, 1981. The spots will be broadcast on five national radio networks: Contemporary, FM, Entertainment, Mutual and NBC.

"This radio campaign will reach the majority of our target audience of 18-49 year old adults an average of 11.4 times," Mr. Ballon continued. "When our radio spots are added to RCA's massive TV and print campaign, we will reach 97 percent of our prime prospects.

"The ads, eight different 30-second spots, are designed both to enhance awareness of the RCA video disc system as the ideal Christmas gift and to elaborate on the diversity of the catalog," Mr. Ballon said. "Over 35 of our top titles are mentioned during the six-week campaign."


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