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RCA Press Release for September 16, 1981


RCA/Columbia Pictures International Video Signs Distribution Agreement with Dagens Nyheters AB of Sweden

RCA/Columbia Pictures International Video has signed its first video distribution agreement with the Dagens Nyheters AB organization of Sweden, it was announced today by Herbert S. Schlosser, executive vice president of RCA, and Patrick M. Williamson, president of Columbia Pictures International.

According to the agreement, Dagens Nyheters will distribute, on a leasing or rental basis, 110 Columbia Pictures feature films on video cassettes over the next five years throughout Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

At the same time, Messrs. Schlosser and Williamson said both parties have agreed to discuss expanding the distribution arrangement to include other formats of video entertainment; additional programming from RCA "Selectavision," Columbia Pictures and Dagens Nyheters; and an extended time period.

RCA/Columbia Pictures International Video is the new joint venture formed earlier this year by RCA Corporation and Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. to market home video entertainment programs throughout the world, excluding the United States and Canada.

RCA Records' international subsidiaries will provide sales and support services to the joint venture's branch operations in major markets around the world. This is the first of such third-party distribution arrangements that will be set in markets where RCA Records does not have its own distribution system.

Mr. Williamson and Mr. Schlosser, on behalf of the joint venture, commented that they were delighted to have concluded the arrangement with Dagens Nyheters, the leading media organization in Scandinavia.


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