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RCA Press Release for September 14, 1981


RCA Consolidates All Entertainment Activities Other than NBC into Single Group

H. S. Schlosser to Head New Home Entertainment Group., Which Also Includes RCA Records; Thomas Kuhn Becomes Head of RCA 'SelectaVision' VideoDiscs

To position itself for growth in the home entertainment market, RCA is consolidating all of its entertainment activities, excluding NBC, into a single group headed by RCA Executive Vice President Herbert S. Schlosser, it was announced today by Thornton F. Bradshaw, RCA Chairman.

"The move consolidates RCA's growing involvement in the home entertainment business under a single management team and permits greater coordination and unified long-range planning of these software activities," Mr. Bradshaw said.

Reporting to Mr. Schlosser in his expanded capacity are RCA Records; RCA "SelectaVision" VideoDiscs (RCA's disc software business); and RCA's participation in joint ventures with Columbia Pictures in international home video entertainment and with Rockefeller Center, Inc., in the RCTV pay-cable program service.

Mr. Schlosser said that Robert D. Summer, President of the RCA Records Division, will report to him in that post. At the same time, Mr. Schlosser said Thomas G. Kuhn has been named Division Vice President, RCA "SelectaVision" VideoDiscs. He formerly was in charge of the West Coast office of the VideoDiscs operation. Mr. Kuhn will report to Mr. Schlosser.

Mr. Schlosser also will continue to serve as President of RCA International AudioVisuals, Inc., the RCA subsidiary involved in the joint venture with Columbia Pictures, and of RCA Cable, Inc., the subsidiary involved in the RCTV pay-cable venture.

Mr. Schlosser's staff also will include Terrance R. Hustedt, Staff Vice President, Financial Planning, and Robert G. Shortal, Staff Vice President, Public Affairs.


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