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RCA Press Release for March 18, 1981


Future Releases for RCA's VideoDisc Catalog Include Three Films Nominated for Oscars

The impressive list of titles slated for future release on RCA's "SelectaVision" VideoDiscs includes three of the five movies nominated this year for Best Picture of the Year, Seth M. Willenson, staff vice president, programs and business affairs, announced today.

The three Oscar nominees are "Ordinary People" (Paramount), starring Mary Tyler Moore and Donald Sutherland and directed by Robert Redford; "Raging Bull" (United Artists), starring Robert De Niro; and "Elephant Man" (Paramount), starring John Hurt.

Mr. Willenson said "Ordinary People" will be added to the VideoDisc catalog in May and "Elephant Man" in August. The introduction date of "Raging Bull" has not been set.

"These three films demonstrate the support that has been given to RCA to make the most successful current pictures available to consumers on video disc. Our agreements with such major studios as Paramount and United Artists will allow consumers access to the best of the new films shortly after commercial release, " Mr. Willenson said.

Other Best Picture Academy Award-winning movies which have been licensed by RCA VideoDiscs include: "Casablanca," "Hamlet," "An American in Paris," The Greatest Show on Earth," "Gigi," "Patton," "The French Connection," "The Godfather," "The Godfather, Part II," "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," "Rocky," "Marty," "The Apartment," "West Side Story," "Tom Jones," "In The Heat of The Night," and "Midnight Cowboy."

"The Academy Award for Best Picture is the most prestigious award in Hollywood. It means not only the recognition of the professional community, but adds millions to a film's box office performance. These established hits can become part of every 'SelectaVision' VideoDisc owner's home film library," Mr. Willenson added.


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