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RCA Press Release for March 16, 1981


RCA to Launch Its VideoDisc System with Approximately 500,000 Albums

HOLLYWOOD, Fla., March 16 -- RCA has pressed some 500,000 video disc albums to support the launch of its "SelectaVision" VideoDisc system, Herbert S. Schlosser, executive vice president of RCA announced today.

In a speech before the 11th Annual Seminar of the ITA, Mr. Schlosser said RCA began pressing discs last summer and began making video disc players in October in anticipation of the launch.

Noting that many of the albums have been shipped to distributor locations, he said "in effect, we are establishing an inventory base in 70 different locations. This will be the first line of supply for those titles stocked at retail."

Mr. Schlosser said the first group of 15,000 video disc players currently is being delivered to some 5,000 dealers in 50 states. "Additional players are in the pipeline and we expect an equal amount of about 15,000 to arrive by the end of this month," he added.

RCA dealers are expected to stock anywhere from 15 to 60 of the 100 titles available in the initial catalog, Mr. Schlosser said, adding that the balance of the opening titles will be held in central inventory.

"If the dealer does not have a title in stock, the consumer can place an order with the dealer for Quick Delivery Service (QDS). Under the QDS system, the dealer can accept an order and payment from the consumer and we will deliver the title by UPS either to the dealer for customer pick-up or directly to the customer's home," he explained.

Mr. Schlosser said RCA's advertising -- which uses the theme: "Bring the Magic Home" -- will begin the week of March 16 with three "teaser" ads in newspapers in 115 major markets. Network television advertising will start Sunday, March 22, with commercials on all three networks between 9 and 10 p.m.

"This is the highest sets-in-use time period in television, and we estimate that the commercials on ABC, CBS and NBC combined next Sunday will reach 46 million homes and 90 million people," he added. RCA also will have four one-minute commercials on ABC's upcoming mini series, "Masada."

The company's print advertising will include newspapers in 115 markets and such national magazines as Newsweek, Time, Panorama, Playboy, Sports Illustrated, People and American Film.

As previously reported, RCA expects to sell 200,000 players and two million discs under its own label in 1981.

The opening catalog of 100 titles includes recent hit movies as well as the classics, children's programs, music, best of television, sports, award-winning documentaries, art, ballet, and instructional discs.

"We will release 25 additional titles to our distributors in May, and 25 more in August, and another batch in the fall. We expect to follow with continuing releases in 1982 and thereafter at the rate of 120 titles, or more, per year," he said.


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