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RCA Dimensia A/V Component - CRK35A Remote Control


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Dimensia CRK35A Remote Control

RCA Dimensia CRK35A Remote Control


  • The remote shown is installed in a display stand explaining its capabilities, as multiple-device remotes were novel in concept when the Dimensia system was introduced.
  • The VID2 button controls 400-series CED players. This button was originally labeled DISC with the name being changed when RCA canceled the CED system. Diagrams in the MSA100, MAT110, MTR120, and MTT130 owner's manuals still have the button labeled DISC.
  • This remote was replaced by the wedge-shaped CRK45A in the 1987 - 1989 Dimensia system. The ability to control 400-series players is absent from the CRK45A remote.


  • Transmission System:
    Dual infrared diode
  • Transmission Protocol:
    Pulse position modulation
  • Functions:
    52 buttons
  • Device Buttons:
  • Keypad Type:
    56-position, 8-by-7 X-Y matrix
  • Circuitry:
    Microprocessor-controlled with on-board memory
  • Program Ability:
    Channel and clock
  • Power Source:
    Four AA batteries
  • Battery Life:
    One year in normal use
  • Dimensions:
    5.6" x 1.4" x 5.1"
  • Weight:
    0.85 lbs. w/batteries
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