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CED Digest Vol. 6 No. 48  •  12/1/2001


20 Years Ago In CED History:

December 2, 1981:
* Polish police break up a sit-in by about 300 cadets at a fire
fighters' academy in Warsaw, Poland.

December 3, 1981:
* Terrorists trained in Libya have entered the United States in a plot
to assassinate President Reagan or other members of the Administration,
federal officials say.

December 4, 1981:
* The U.S. Department of Labor announces that the U.S. unemployment rate
reached 8.4% of the work force in November.
* Future CED titles in widespread theatrical release: Reds, Ticket to

December 5, 1981:
* The 1981 RCA SelectaVision Christmas party in held at the Indiana
Convention Center in Indianapolis. A series of pictures from this event
can be seen starting at this URL: December 6, 1981: * The 4th Annual Kennedy Center Honors are held featuring the honorees Count Basie, Cary Grant, Helen Hayes, Jerome Robbins, and Rudolf Serkin. December 7, 1981: * Reagan administration officials confirm a budget deficit projection of a record $109 billion for fiscal 1982, with slow economic growth, rising interest rates, and high unemployment. December 8, 1981: * A methane gas explosion in a coal mine near Whitwell, Tennessee kills 13 miners. It is the third fatal mine accident in six days. * Dissident Russian physicist Andrei Sakharov ends a 17-day hunger strike after Soviet officials say that his daughter-in-law may leave Russia. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 13:57:18 +0000 From: synthi To: Subject: RCA SJT 400 Problem I recently bought an RCA SJT 400 Player and it seems to be working fine except when playing anywhere after the 30-40 minute mark on any disc. That's when the needle can no longer track at which point all the front panel buttons with the exception of Reject and power stop working. The video also gets a bit grainy when more then 10-15 minutes has played. I'm not sure if this is an over heating issue becauce if I start the disc again from the start then the picture is clear again. It seems to do this with every disc. Any help with what the problem might be would be great. Thanks. Eric ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 18:02:46 -0500 To: From: Michael Dunn <mdunn> Subject: Success! I just wanted to share my success today at getting a couple of players working! An RCA SJT100, after a new belt and ejection bumper (5 gratis from a well-timed dishwasher repair person!), is working great, as is an old Zenith VP2000 (aka SFT100) - no work required. Also just got my first 6 discs. Unfortunately, the VP and discs were from a very smoky apartment, and they stink. Does anyone know how this might affect the discs. Most seem ok at first checkout, though one was pretty rough. As mentioned somewhere on Tom's site, playing several times often helps! I know the later, more feature-laden players are more valuable and desirable, but would the Zenith be of special value, being basically the first unit, and the only Zenith? Are there any Canadian listers out there interested in selling or trading discs? Shipping from the US (or beyond) is so expensive. The web site notes that the SFT/VP has an undocumented page mode. On mine, this does work, although the location gradually creeps forward. Is this common? Thanks for reading. What a fascinating bit of technology. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Michael Dunn | Surround Sound Decoder & Stereo Enhancer Cantares | Self-Amplified Speakers, Test Equipment 74 George St. | Ambisonic Surround Sound CDs and Recording Waterloo, Ont. | (519) 744-9395 (fax: 744-7129) N2J 1K7 | Canada | ----------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 01:25:11 -0500 To: From: Michael Dunn <mdunn> Subject: SFT100/VP2000 problem To those with a VP2000 (not sure if the SFT100 would have the same problem): If you ever notice your player getting stuck around the 45min mark, pop open the cartridge access cover. You'll probably notice that the cover latch is hitting the case! A poor design - susceptible to the slightest downward bowing of the case top... ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 19:11:31 -0800 To: From: Tom Howe <> Subject: RCA-brand X10 Modules Hello All: If you're looking for an RCA-brand holiday gift, has a great price on RCA X10 home automation items as a result of Thomson getting out of the X10 business. They have a 12-pack kit of modules and remote controls for $49.99 at this URL: I got into X10 in the mid-1990's and paid a lot more for these same modules at that time. If you are not familiar with X10, it's a remote system that uses the AC wiring to control all the electrical outlets in your home. This is especially useful with a home theater setup, as an X10 compatible universal remote not only allows control of the entertainment console but also can selectively turn on/off or dim lamps in the vicinity. X10 can also be used for a lot more than this, including complete home security and custom programming via a computer interface. The above kit does not include the required wireless transceiver or a universal remote control, which can be purchased separately from --Tom


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