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CED Digest Vol. 6 No. 47  •  11/24/2001


20 Years Ago In CED History:

November 25, 1981:
* Actor and comedian Jack Albertson dies at age 74. Best known for his
role on the TV series "Chico and the Man," he appears on the CED titles
"The Shaggy Dog" and "The Poseidon Adventure."

November 26, 1981:
* In a parliamentary by-election in Crosby, near Liverpool, Social
Democrat Shirley Williams upsets the Conservative candidate to become
the new party's first member of the British House of Commons.

November 27, 1981:
* German-born actress and singer Lotte Lenya dies at age 83. Acclaimed
for her performance as Jenny in "The Threepenny Opera," her most
memorable film role is as the KGB agent with a pop-out knife in her shoe
in the 007 movie "From Russia With Love" (CED).
* Future CED titles in widespread theatrical release: On Golden Pond,
They All Laughed.

November 28, 1981:
* Results of the New Zealand national election indicate that voters have
denied Prime Minister Robert Muldoon's National Party a majority in

November 29, 1981:
* Actress Natalie Wood drowns after falling off a boat. She appeared in a
number of CED titles including "Brainstorm," which was released
posthumously in 1983.
* A car loaded with explosives blows up outside a school in Damascus,
Syria, killing 90 persons and wounding scores of others. The attack is
blamed on Muslim Brotherhood terrorists.

November 30, 1981:
* Representatives of the United States and the Soviet Union open talks
in Geneva on the reduction of medium-range nuclear weapons in Europe.
* Democrat James Florio concedes defeat to Thomas H. Kean in the
contested November 3 race for governor of New Jersey.

December 1, 1981:
* Ronald Reagan signs a presidential order approving covert aid for
the Contras - rebels fighting against the leftist Sandinista regime in
* All 178 persons aboard a chartered Yugoslav DC-9 jetliner are killed
when it crashes while approaching Ajaccio airport in Corsica.

Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 14:10:37 -0800 (PST)
From: Luke Perry <doidy34>
Subject: CED player

Hi, if you could post this in your next newsletter I
would appreciate it.  I have a non-working CED player,
I believe it is the RCA SJT090 model.  I would part
with it for a small sum plus shipping charge.  Could
be fixed or used for parts and the stylus.  


Luke P

Luke Perry

Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 17:23:42 -0800
From: Tom Howe <>
Subject: Lord of the Rings

Hello All:

There's been a lot of hype this past weekend over the release of "Harry
Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," but if you've taken a look at the
current Featured CED, you can probably guess I'm more excited about the
release of the first "Lord of the Rings" movie one month from today: If you haven't heard much about this movie yet, it is the first installment of the Tolkien trilogy, with the next two installments already filmed and scheduled for holiday release in 2002 and 2003. There is some interesting marketing being done for Lord of the Rings, including an exclusive LOTR branded DVD player from JVC. It would have been cool if RCA had done something similar, say an "ET" branded player in the 1982 time frame: If the Internet is any indication, there are a lot of fans of J.R.R. Tolkien out there, so it will be interesting to see how Harry Potter and LOTR stack up against one another when all is done. --Tom


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