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CED Digest Vol. 6 No. 36  •  9/8/2001


20 Years Ago In CED History:

September 9, 1981:
* Nicaragua declares a state of economic emergency and bans strikes.

September 10, 1981:
* President Reagan and Israeli Prime Minister Menahem Begin end two days
of talks in Washington with an agreement for closer military ties.

September 11, 1981:
* Chilean President Augusto Pinochet Ugarte, in a nationwide address
marking the eighth anniversary of the coup that toppled Marxist
president Salvador Allende, states that the ban on political activities
will continue for eight more years.
* Future CED titles in widespread theatrical release: Chariots of Fire,
Mommie Dearest.

September 12, 1981:
* A spokesman for Scotland Yard in London announces that nine Italian
terrorists have been arrested. They are prime suspects in the 1980
bombing of a Bologna train station that killed more than 80 people.
* "Escape" by Journey becomes the No. 1 U.S. album.

September 13, 1981:
* U.S. Secretary of State Alexander M. Haig says the United States has
physical evidence that Russia and its allies used poisonous biological
weapons in Laos, Cambodia, and Afghanistan.
* John McEnroe defeats Bjorn Borg to capture his third consecutive U.S.
Open tennis championship. Tracy Austin wins the women's title.
* Alain Prost wins the Italian Grand Prix (CED).
* "Hill Street Blues," a television series about police, wins a record
eight Emmy awards.

September 14, 1981:
* Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of Great Britain makes several
changes in her cabinet, generally favoring the members who more strongly
support her conservative economic and monetary policies.

September 15, 1981:
* Pakistani President Mohammad Zia-ul-Haq formally accepts a six year
$3.2 billion military and economic aid package from the United States
that includes 40 F-16 fighter planes.
* Egypt expels the Soviet ambassador and 1,500 Russian technicians after
leveling accusations the Soviets were fostering religious unrest in

From: "JAMES ELKINS" <gcd101ds>
To: <>
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 12:10:41 -0700

I am interested in the CED firmat and the repair of players.  JIM ELKINS

From: "Aaron" <aaron_9>
To: <>
Subject: Technical difficulty
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 23:18:15 -0400

I have an RCA Selectavision SGT100.  I recently acquired this system and
have since not been able to get it to function properly. The L appears
as it is loading, but it will not take the disk out of it's sleeve and
play it. Please tell me if you have any suggestions.

Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2001 07:31:13 -0700
From: "Robert M. Johnson, Jr." <robtjohn>
Subject: Re: Problem with RCA SFT 100
To: "" <>

Hello All,
	My old trusty RCA SFT 100 just developed a problem.  As I was
a disc, the video suddenly turned somewhat grainy and the sound channels
suddenly began generating pink noise largely obscuring the soundtrack. 
The stylus was relatively new and another new one did not solve the
problem.  Is this a belt problem or an electronics problem?  I looked
through the site's troubleshooting section and could find no guidance
with this particular problem.  Any suggestions anyone might have on how
to remedy this problem would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

	Robert Johnson
	Hayward, CA

From: "Roger The Shrubber" <rshrubber>
To: <>
Subject: Three Fox Titles Glorious On CED
Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2001 06:58:54 -0700

    Greetings CED Enthusiasts,
    My CED player quit and until I can line up someone to help me I will
not be able to get it fixed. Cut out half way through "Rocky III". Does
not upset me to have ruined the presentation of this finely made stereo
disc. But I wish I could watch a better movie. Oh well, I will put the
finishing touches on the latest blather for this digest.
    Twentieth Century - Fox pictures and a mall owner helped make
possible "The Stunt Man", in 1980. It was a personal effort, produced
and directed by Richard Rush.
    Steve Railsback portrays an wanted man on the run. He plays pinball
in a roadside diner as two policeman cuff him. Narrowly he escapes and
finds himself hitchhiking out of town on a bridge when unexpectedly his
driver kicks him out and proceeds to try and mow him down. The car and
driver are catapulted off the bridge. Is it live or is it Memorex?
    Actually it is film director Eli Cross, (Peter O Toole) making his
latest effort, a world war one action movie. Drifter, Cameron, in order
to obtain asylum must fill in for the stunt man. Cross is a maniacal
madman who has high expectations. Barbara Hershey is the starlet who
leads the film within the film, and steals Cameron's heart. Nothing is
what it seems in this movie and the ending is a nail biter. Performances
are top notch and the development and layout of the movie could not be
much better.
    This film reminds me of cinema guy, Randy Finley. He owned the
Seattle chain, Seven Gables, that I now work for. Crest is the best. He
sold "The Stunt Man" to Seattle because he could not get his hands on
movies which were in highest demand. So he bought indie stuff.
    I am delighted to own two double disc CED sets of this one, produced
in 1982. Color and detail are gorgeous on these as is the composition of
the picture. The flat 1.85:1 ratio is enjoyable panned and scanned. You
might pick this up on another format, but the CED set is five star all
the way. I highly recommend it.
    Fox has begun to support DTS six track stereo sound on DVD now. Back
in 1983 Dolby matrixed stereo with A type noise reduction was the latest
and greatest in high fidelity realism. I would like to talk about two
examples of two track surround from CBS/Fox video on CED.
    "Octopussy" finds Roger Moore as Bond, James Bond, agent 007, hot on
the trail of a priceless antique which leads him to a billionaire
businesswoman and ultimately a plot to cause nuclear war. Maud Adams is
here as the tycoon. She is the only Bond woman to have appeared in more
than one movie. All the expected action, car chases, and stunts are
here. Fun, fun, fun.
    This Panavision production would be more grandiose as seen wide
screen. Pick up a DVD, laser, or VHS from MGM/UA if you are into
letterboxing. Or listen to the delightful CX encoded audio of the CED,
made in 1983. This one is a fine CED, with a great image, and resonant,
involving, state of the art surround sound. A four star movie and a four
star CED.
    Also delightful on CED is a favorite of mine from 1984, "Romancing
The Stone", brought to disc the same year. Michael Douglas produced and
stars in this adventure comedy from director Robert Zemeckis.
    Kathleen Turner is Joan Wilder, the novelist who writes adventurous
romance with beautiful heroines and dashing, bold muscle men. Actually
Wilder is a homebody who drinks liquor out of tiny bottles and dotes on
her cat. She is summoned to Columbia to rescue her sister with a map
which leads to buried treasure.
    Douglas is Jack Colton, stranger, and for the purpose of our film a
dashing hero who will save the day as well as sweep Wilder off her feet.
Excitement, adventure, comedy, Danny DeVito, alligators, all this and
more await you in a stylish and fast paced movie.
    Realistic and natural variety in colors await you in the CED, as
does great detail and plenty of resonance in the CX encoded surround
sound. This is a five star movie and a four star disc. Pick up
the Panavision feature letterboxed because you love it, on laser or DVD.
But get this disc to prove to yourself what a great CED can look and
sound like. Bummer letterboxing had not hit the mainstream when they
made these two I have spoken of.
    What are the finest examples of stereo sound on CED? Did CX noise
reduction help reduce distortions on CED? What was the first use for CX
noise reduction? What are the best black and white movies on CED?
Comment on my questions, or reviews, and tell me all about your
experiences with the most high tech record ever created. Write me, CED
Digest, or both.
    Thank you for reading.
    Joseph Topolinski AKA Roger The Shrubber

From: uh-clem (Robert Armentrout)
Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2001 21:46:11 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: CED's for sale  

Approximately 150.  Take all for $200.  Or will sell for $2.00 each if
you live in Sacramento Ca.  If out of Sac. area additional shipping
charges will be added with insurance available.


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