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CED Digest Vol. 6 No. 35  •  9/1/2001


20 Years Ago In CED History:

September 2, 1981:
* General Andre Kolingba, the armed forces chief of staff, proclaims
himself head of state of the Central African Republic after David Dacko
is forced to resign the presidency.
* Portugal's Prime Minister Francisco Pinto Balsemao forms a new
government after resigning on August 11.

September 3, 1981:
* Egypt arrests more than 1,500 opponents of the government, including
religious activists, artists, journalists, and politicians.

RCA Begins National VideoDiscs Display Contest Offering $50,000 in Prize

To spark demand for its video disc system, RCA is offering $50,000 in
prize money for the best in-store or window displays as part of its
national Fall advertising and promotion program, it was announced today
by Bill Reilly, national sales director, RCA "SelectaVision" VideoDiscs.

RCA VideoDiscs distributor salesmen and their retail accounts are
eligible to win a total of 48 prizes - 12 in each of RCA's four national
sales regions. The contest runs from September 1 through October 31,
1981. To be eligible, any in-store or window display must include RCA
VideoDisc album covers, the company's latest catalog and an RCA
"SelectaVision" VideoDisc player.

Mr. Reilly said, "When a customer enters a store and sees a dynamic
video disc display it helps promote the sale of discs and players. Our
marketing objective is to heighten retail visibility of RCA disc
software during our national fall advertising and promotion.

It has been our experience that those retailers who do the best are the
ones who aggressively merchandise the video disc system. Many different
types of retail outlets across the country have had excellent sales
successes from their imaginative and aggressive merchandising," Mr.
Reilly said.

September 4, 1981:
* The Soviet Union begins war games with about 100,000 troops on the
Polish border.
* Future CED title in widespread theatrical release: Chu Chu and the
Philly Flash.

September 5, 1981:
* In an address before Egypt's Parliament, President Anwar Sadat
announces that he is deposing Shenuda III, the spiritual leader of some
6 million Coptic Christians, and is giving his authority to a committee
of five bishops.
* Solidarity, Poland's independent trade union, begins its first
national congress.
* "Bella Donna" by Stevie Nicks (CED) becomes the No. 1 U.S. album.

September 6, 1981:
* Actress Maria Palmer dies at age 64.

September 7, 1981:
* The Soviet embassy in Madrid sends a note to the Spanish government
warning that world tensions will increase if Spain carries out its plan
to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

September 8, 1981:
* After returning to Washington from a month's vacation at his ranch in
California, President Ronald Reagan begins three days of meetings with
economic advisors to discuss further cuts in the budget, the problem of
high interest rates, and the business community's lack of confidence in
his economic recovery program.

From: "Michael  Pollock" <mpollock>
To: <>
Subject: What was the best CED Players Picture/Quality?
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001 15:20:47 -0500

Hello CED Digest,
I was wondering what were the best players made for picture quality.  I
have a RCA SJT090.  I was curious about how much picture quality would
improve with a fancier player.   I know some have remotes and stereo 
which would be nice.  But how about picture.
Thanks in advance for the info,
Mike  :)
From: "Allen wolf" <wolfallen>
Subject: CED VideoDisc "WANT" List.
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001 17:04:51 -0500

Hi All,
   There Are Some CED VideoDiscs That I'm Looking For..I'll Pay What you
want If The Discs Are In Good Condition. They Are As Follows:
                 1-Jaws 3
                 2-Halloween 3
                 3-Amityville 3-D
                 4-Raise The Titanic
                 5-Metalstorm:The Destruction Of Jerid Syn
I Will Take Doubles of these Discs. Contact me. Thanks,Allen Wolf.

From: "Clarence Donath" <donath>
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 08:45:59 -0400
Subject: Re: CED Digest Vol. 6 No. 34

I absolutely love the movie The Dirty Dozen!  I have it on video disc,
but the
third side was absolutely annoying because because of all the skipping. 
final desperation, I decided to do what you shouldn't.  I washed the
disc with
dishwashing detergent.  I found that the disc was very scratched by the
previous owner, certainly the cause of the skipping.  When all was said
done, making sure the disc was absolutely free of material, the disc was
totally unplayable.  It is no longer good for anything.

I've found that this title is available on DVD for $12, so I'll be

Thank you for the replies offering a stylus, but I believe mine is fine
after I
blew some dust off of it.

What I'm doing now is copying all the titles I want to have, without
them on DVD.  I am very pleased by the quality of the recordings. 
Having them
on VHS will preserve what I have into the future as the discs will
get worse.

Clarence Donath

Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 22:24:02 -0500
From: Darrick Burch <darrick>
Subject: Servo Adjust


Just had a curiosity that maybe someone could answer for me.  I have an
SGT200, and on the stylus tracking arm, there is this adjustment labeled
"Servo Adjust."  What is its purpose?  Can it be useful in enhancing
image quality?  Should anyone EVER play with this?


Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 23:19:18 -0800
From: Tom Howe <>
Subject: RE: Skipping at the end of a disc

>I am experiencing skips towards the end of each disc.  Having done some
>research, thanks to cedmagic, it appears that there is no hope of
finding a
>replacement stylus, so I'm wondering if there's any way to repair or
clean it
>myself, and if anyone has any suggestions on how to do so.
>I have the RCA SelectaVision player stereo model.  Not sure of the
exact model
>number as the label on the back was dirty, and as I attempted to clean
it, it

This problem does sound like a worn out stylus tip, since stylus/groove
dynamics change as the groove radius decreases, meaning a worn out tip
is more likely to jump the groove closer to the end of play. Stylus
cartridges are still available for all RCA-manufactured players; all
three RCA part numbers are in Ebay auctions right now. Try using the
links at the bottom of the "Stylus Cartridge Replacement Guide" in the
tech info section of CED Magic.


Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 20:11:16 -0700 (PDT)
From: Joe Phillips <littlejoeflub>
Subject: disc won't come out of caddy


I recently picked up the 2-disc Superman The Movie
from ebay.  When I went to play Part 1 in my rca
sjt090 the caddy ejected with the spine and disc still
inside.  After examining the spine I found that the
hook on one side was damaged so I swapped the spine
with a good one from another lesser watched disc.

After inserting the caddy, with the new spine, it came
back again with the spine and disc still inside.  So
the problem wasn't the spine because Part 2, and all
my other discs load ok.  I did notice that when I was
swapping out the spines the Superman Part 1 disc and
spine came out of the caddy a lot harder than on the
other ced so I think the problem might be the caddy is
too tight to allow the player to remove the spine/disc
from the caddy on loading.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as the only
other alternative I can think of would be to put the
Superman Part 1 disc in the caddy for another movie.

Thank you,

Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 23:18:14 -0400
From: bill holtzapple <holtz>
Subject: Sjt200 Nylon drive gear

Hello,Fellow CED collectors.Iam looking for a part for my sjt200.It is
the nylon drive gear that is directly in contact with the teeth on the
stylus mechanism that drives it across the disk.Any chance of a
replacement part?Or is cannibalism my only hope?
Any help in this mater would be greatly appriciated.

From: "Roger The Shrubber" <rshrubber>
To: <>
Subject: Panavision On CED From MCA
Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2001 02:10:50 -0700

Greetings CED Lovers,
    It was way before my time, in 1953, that 20th Century - Fox
revolutionized the film experience with the CinemaScope process.
Originally with a picture 2.55 times as wide as tall, the process
included 4 track magnetic stereo. The first lenses for scope were
manufactured by Bausch And Laumb. Cinema owners resisted spending any
more money than they had to. Because of this many cinemas ran scope
movies in mono. It was not too long before most scope movies were made
in mono. Then a new company was created with the goal to make quality
lenses cheaper than Bausch And Laumb. This company bypassed 20th Century
- Fox, and referred to themselves and the process as Panavision.
    Today I would like to talk about two motion pictures made in
Panavision. The first is called "The Electric Horseman" It was directed
by Sydney Pollack in 1979. Robert Redford stars as 5 time world champion
rodeo rider Sonny Steele. Steele has quit the rodeo circuit and now
makes a living endorsing Ranch Breakfast cereal, a product of AmpCo
industries. "What the heck was he thinking?" is the question I ask. But
I suppose without that there would be no movie. Steele is depressed
about galloping around on a horse all lit up carrying an over large box
of cereal. He drinks too much and shows up for his appearances late. It
is one of these late arrivals which causes him to be aware just how bad
things have gotten. At a football game he discovers a stand in has been
used and no one notices. His next, and perhaps biggest assignment yet,
is to ride a very valuable horse on stage at Cesars Palace. This horse
is also an ex-champion. It was purchased by AmpCo to be the company
trademark. But Steele feels that the horse has been mistreated. It is
drugged up and a sore leg has not been properly tended to. So ahead of
his stage cue he gets on the horse and rides into the night. Jane Fonda
plays the part of television reporter Hallie Martin. Martin manages to
catch up to Steele and brings his story to the nation's attention.
Willie Nelson is along for the ride as a buddy of Steele's. He also
sings several of his popular songs for the soundtrack. Valerie Perine
plays the part of Steele's ex-wife. And everyone's favorite oatmeal fan,
Wilford Brimley, has a bit part.

    This is fine entertainment that does not hit us over the head with
moral questions about advertising, consumerism, or cruelty to animals.
The CED video is manufactured in 1983 by RCA Videodiscs with help from
MCA Videodiscs. What does that mean? Who handled the 35mm print which
became a video master? Well both companies have good reputations, and
this disc does not disappoint. Color is not bad. I have seen better, and
worse. Detail is very good. There is lots of bright lights in the
darkest scenes. Mono sound, as heard in cinemas, is good. The Panavision
cinematography does not look too bad pan and scan. Letterbox fans take
note, Image Entertainment manufactured this one on DVD. You may be
interested in a copy if you can find one. My favorite internet store was
out of stock. However if you are not a fan of letterboxing, or simply
want to pay less for a used CED, this is a great disc to own.
    The Chicken Ranch is the subject of the second movie I will speak of
today. According to this movies title, it is "The Best Little Whorehouse
In Texas". Made in 1982, it stars Dolly Parton as Miss Mona, operator of
the ranch. Everyone in town knows her as a fine woman who gives to many
charities. Her brothel is known throughout the state. People do not
speak much publicly about the brothel, and they also do not talk about
the long running affair she is having with the local sheriff, played by
Burt Reynolds. Sheriff Ed Earl, and many other civic leaders turn a
blind eye to the goings on at The Chicken Ranch, which has become an
institution after more than 100 years. Along comes a television man,
played by Dom DeLuise, who aims to cause controversy and further his
career by exposing The Chicken Ranch. This is really a delightful
musical comedy. We all know that Dolly Parton can sing and dance, but it
is surprising to find Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLuise, and as the governor,
Charles Durning all singing and dancing. Jim Nabors plays the deputy,
and does not sing. Also look for Barry Corbin in a smaller role, long
before he was Maurice Minifield on television's "Northern Exposure".

    This MCA Videodiscs CED is of the highest quality. According to the
fine print on the back, it was manufactured by MCA in 1983. Comes as a
surprise to me. How many companies manufactured CED? I might be a little
biased about the quality of this disc because I managed to pick up a
skip free mint condition copy. There is a natural variety of gorgeous
colors, and plenty of detail. Even the darkest scenes have just enough
detail appropriate to the scene. The cinematography fooled me. I did not
know I was watching a Panavision movie until I read it in the credits at
the end. Very little appears cramped in this pan and scan video,
although I suspect the dance choreography might be a little more
impressive with a letterboxed video. Mono sound is very enjoyable, again
just as it was heard in cinemas. If you have a CED player which reads
chapter stops, you can take advantage of it with this disc, going right
to whatever your favorite song happens to be. My machine does not do
this random access trick. But on laserdisc and DVD chapter stops are a
feature I almost never use. I highly recommend this disc, partly because
I enjoy a good CED. Also I recommend it because I do not think this
motion picture has ever been available letterboxed on video. You might
pick up a pan and scan laserdisc, but it has not been made available on
DVD. VHS is still available new, but that does not have near the
collectors value that a good CED does.
    What should I write about next week? I was thinking of focusing on a
couple of Fox CED. Or maybe a talk of good stereo on CED. Octopussy is
one of my favorite stereo titles, though I have had a hard time getting
as many stereo CED as I would like. Mono was still common, even by 1983
when stereo came to CED. And of course some good stereo films prior to
1983 were pressed mono. I am resisting picking up the Star Wars trilogy
on CED, as I already own the ultimate Star Wars laserdisc box set. Write
me, or CED Digest, or both, with comments on your favorite stereo CED,
or any other thoughts you have at all. I would love to hear from you.

    Thank you for reading this.
    Joseph Topolinski AKA Roger The Shrubber

From: Congettac
Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2001 19:30:59 EDT
Subject: Last CEDs I Have

Tom, Thanks again for the service you provide. I have the last of an
extensive CED Collection I would like to sell. The alternative will be
discard them as I do not have a Player. Yet, I know they would be
enjoyed if
"adopted". They have all been played 1 - 2 times, only. I am asking for
$10.00 for the Group + the Shipping-Insurance of $15.00. Here they are:
THE SUNSHINE BOYS- George Burns & Walter Matthau; 2. TRIBUTE-Jack Lemmon
Robby Benson & Lee Remick; 3. CITY LIGHTS-Charlie Chaplin; 4. ON GOLDEN
POND-Henry Fonda & Katherine Hepburn & Jane Fonda; 5. SUDDEN
Eastwood; 6. SWING TIME- Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers; 7. Leonard vs.
9/16/81 The Showdown (1st Fight); 8, GIRL GROUPS-THE STORY OF A SOUND -
SUPREMES & Others; 9. A CHARLIE BROWN FESTIVAL Vol IV. They are all in
Conditon. Thanks for your interest. Jeff Kehlert


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