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CED Digest Vol. 4 No. 42  •  10/23/1999


Date: Sun, 17 Oct 1999 16:11:37 -0800
From: (Tom Howe)
Subject: RE: Skipping & Disc Cleaning

My opinion on cleaning CED's is to not do it by any other means than
repeatedly playing over the skipping grooves, unless the disc upon
visual examination reveals obvious contamination, like having been
immersed in muddy water. If a CED skips in a specific area and the
condition doesn't improve by repeatedly playing that area, the skipping
is due to damaged grooves and won't improve with other forms of cleaning
or lubrication. A disc that skips throughout play could be a worn-out
disc, a bad pressing, a disc damaged due to improper storage, or it could
just be a new disc that needs a couple of "conditioning plays." Discs that
have never been played or haven't been played for many years have a
glassy smooth lubricant surface, and playing the disc once or twice will
in effect cut a groove in the lubricant and greatly reduce skipping.

RCA did a lot of research into disc lubrication and came up with a
conditioning process where the discs were treated with an amine solution
then rinsed in distilled water prior to drying and spray lubrication.
In their own words "chemically treated discs average a few tenths of a
second carrier distress after moisture stress compared with 20 to 30
seconds for untreated discs." Washing CED's will undo the benefits of
the conditioning process, either immediately by allowing mineralized
water to evaporate in the grooves, or in the long term by making the
grooves more susceptible to video virus. More information on disc
lubrication can be found in RCA's 25 or so patents on the subject,
which can be found by using your browser to search for the term
"lubricant" on this page: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Date: 20 Oct 99 23:46:30 WET DDST From: Charles Raimondi To: Subject: SUBSCRIBE Please subscribe me to CED digest. The first thing I am interested in is whether you know of any sources for Toshiba CED stereo CED player styluses. Thanks!


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