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CED Digest Vol. 4 No. 41  •  10/16/1999


From: Tencton
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 19:07:26 EDT
Subject: CED Player wanted

HI list,
I am looking for anyone with a spare player, hopefully stereo, but mono
will due until I get more money, that works well and would sell not too
expensively?  Im in the NY area.  I just sold my beat up SGT-250 for $30+
dollars so I'll need a player to last until a relative looks on eBay to
get me one for Christmas as a gift.   If anyone can help me out, please
email me with a model #, condition (playing/cosmetic) and asking price.  Thanks!

From: KatGlen1
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 21:05:06 EDT
Subject: Re: Scrubbing the discs

<< Maybe scrub is too harsh a word >>

I think it is too harsh a word.  There are a lot of variables but I think 
cleaning  CED discs with soap and/or water is just asking for trouble!  
Remember how small the stylus is.  
Tom, what do you think?                Glenn

From: "Michael Canalizol"
To: <>
Subject: Disk library available
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 22:25:03 -0400


I am seeking to sell on a "best offer" basis a collection of 631 disks; a
complete listing of the titles is included in an attachment to this message.
Offers should be submitted to Michael Canalizo at:
by Sunday, October 25.

'10' 					Bo Derek 
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea 	Kirk Douglas and James Mason 
2001: A Space Odysey 									2 Disc Set 
48 Hours 				Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy 	Stereo 
A Bridge Too Far 			Sean Connery and Anthony Hopkins 			2 Disc Set 
A Change Of Seasons 		S. McLain and A. Hopkins 
A Fistful Of Dollars 			Clint Eastwood 
A Man Called Horse 			Richard Harris 
A Purple Taxi 				Fred Astaire 
A Small Town In Texas 		Timothy Bottoms 
A Star Is Born 			Barbra Streisand 			Stereo 		2 Disc Set 
A Stranger Is Watching 
Absence of Malice 			Paul Newman and Sally Field
Adams Rib				Tracy and Hepburn 			B&W 
Adventures of Robin Hood 		Errol Flynn 
African Queen 			Bogart and Hepburn 
Against All Odds 			Jeff Bridges 
Agency 				Robert Mitchum 
Airforce 				John Garfield 				B&W 
Airplane: The Sequel 
Alamo 					John Wayne 						2 Disc Set 
Alien 					Sigourney Weaver 			Stereo 
All That Jazz 				Roy Schnieder 
All The Marbles 			Peter Falk 
Alone in the Dark 			Jack Palance 
American Gigalo 			Richard Gere 
American Werewolf in London 	David Naugton 
An Officer and A Gentleman 		Richard Gere and Debra Winger 			2 Disc Set 
An Unmarried Woman 		Jill Clayburg 
And Justice For All 			Al Pacino 
Anderson Tapes 			Sean Connery 
Animal House 			John Belusi 
Annie 					Al Finney and Carol Burnett 		Stereo 
Annie Hall 				Woody Allen 
Any Which Way You Can 		Clint Eastwood 
Apache 				Burt Lancaster 
Apocolypse Now 			MarIon Brando 					2 Disc Set 
Arthur 					Dudley Moore 
Atlantic City 				Burt Lancaster and S. Sarandon 
Author Author 			Al Pacino 
Back Roads 				Sally Field and Tom Lee Jones 
Bad Boys 				Sean Penn 
Bananas 				Woody Allen 
Bandolero 				James Stewart and Dean Martin 	Stereo 
Barbarella 				Jane Fonda 
Barbarossa 				Willy Nelson 
Battle Beyond the Stars 		George Peppard and R. Thomas 
Battle of Britian 			Laurence Olivier 					2 Disc Set 
Being There 				Peter Sellers 						2 Disc Set 
Ben Hur 				Charlton Heston 			Stereo 		2 Disc Set 
Best Friends 				Burt Reynolds and Goldie Hawn 
Bette Midler Show 
Big Bad Mama 			Angie Dickerson 
Big Red One 				Lee Marvin 
Big Sleep 				Bogart and Bacall 			B&W 
Birdman of Alcatraz 			B. Lancaster 						2 Disc Set
Blade Runner 				Harrison Ford 				Stereo 
Blame It On Rio 			Michael Caine 
Blazing Saddles 			Mel Brooks 
Bloody Mama 				Shelly Winters and Robert Dinero
Blow Out 				John Travolta 
Blue Lagoon 				Brook Shields 
Blue May 				George Peppard 					2 Disc Set 
Blue Thunder 				Roy Schneider 			Stereo 
Body Heat 				William Hurt and K. Turner  
Bolero 					James Caan 				Stereo 		2 Disc Set
Born Losers 				Tom Laughlin 
Bounty 				Mel Gibson 
Box Car Bertha 			Barbra Hersey 
Boys In The Band 
Breaker Morant 			Brown 
Breaking Away 
Breathless 				Richard Gere 
Brubaker 				Robert Redford 					2 Disc Set 
Buddy Buddy 				J. Lemmon and W. Mathau 
Burn 					MarIon Brando 
Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid 	Redford and Newman 
California Suite 			Alan Alda 
Caligula 				Malcolm McDowell 
Cannery Row 				Nick Nolte 
Cannonball Run 			Burt Reynolds 
Capricorn 				Elliot Gould 
Carnal Knowledge 			Jack Nickolson 
Carny 					Jodie Foster 
Casablanca 				Bogart and Bergman 			B&W 
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof 		P. Newman and E. Taylor 
Cat People 				M. McDowell, Kinski 
Catch 22 				Alan Arkin 
Charge of the Light Brigade 		E. Flynn and D. Niven 
Chariots of Fire 			Benn Cross 				Stereo 
China Syndrome 			J. Lemmon and Jane Fonda 
Chinatown 				Jack Nicholson 					2 Disc Set 
Cinncinati Kid 			Steve McQueen 			Stereo 
City Heat 				Clint Eastwood and B. Reynolds 
Clash of the Titans 			Harry Hamlin 
Class of 1984 
Class Reunion 
Cleopatra 				E. Taylor and R. Burton 		Stereo 		2 Disc Set 
Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind 	R. Drefus 						2 Disc Set 
Coal Miners' Daughter 		Sissy Spacek 
Cold River 
Coma 					Michael Douglas 
Comes A Horse Man 			J. Caan 
Coming Home 			Jane Fonda 
Complete Beatles 
Conan The Barbarian 			A. Schwartzenger 					2 Disc Set Set 
Conan The Destroyer 			A. Schwartzenger 
Count Of Monte Christo 
Cousine Cousine 
Creep Show 				Hal Holbrook 
Cruising 				Al Pacino 
Cutters Way 
Das Boat "The Boat"
Dead Zone 				C. Walken 				Stereo 
Deadly Blessing 			E. Borgnine 
Death Hunt 				L. Marvin and C. Bronson 
Death Wish 				C. Bronson 
Death Wish 2 				C. Bronson 
Defiance 				Vincent A. Carney 
Devine Madness 			B. Midler 
Diamonds Are Forever 		Sean Connery 
Diner 					M. Rouke and K. Bacon 
Dirty Dozen 				Lee Marvin 
Dirty Harry 				Clint Eastwood 
Dodge City 				Errol Flynn 
Dogs Of War 				Christopher Walken 
Domino Principal 			Hackman 
Don't Look Now 			Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland 
Dr. No 				Sean Connery 
Dr. Shivago 				Omar Shariff 						2 Disc Set 
Dressed To Kill 			Michael Caine 
Educating Rita 			Michael Caine 
El Cid 					Charlton Heston 					2 Disc Set 
Electric Horseman 			Robert Redford and Jane Fonda 
Emily 					Koo Stark 
Emrnanuele 				S. Kristal 
Endless Love 				Brooke Shields 
Enter The Dragon 			Bruce Lee 
Enter The Ninja 			Franco Nero 
Escape From Alcatraz 		Clint Eastwood 
Escape From New York 		Kurt Russell 
Escape To Athena 			D. Niven and R. Moore 
Escape To Witch Mountain 
Everything You Wanted T o Know About Sex 	Woody Allen 
Evil Speak 
Excalabur 											2 Disc Set 
Exterminator 				C. George 
Eye For An Eye 			Chuck Norris 
Eye Of The Needle 			Donald Sutherland 
Eye Witness 				William Hurt and Sigourney Weaver 
F.I.S.T. 				Sylvester Stallone 					2 Disc Set 
Fame 												2 Disc Set 
Farewell My Lovely 			Robert Mitchum 
Fast Times At Ridgewood High 	Sean Penn 
Fiddler On The Roof 			Topal 							2 Disc Set 
First Blood 				Sylvester Stallone 
For A Few Dollars More 		Clint Eastwood  
For Your Eyes Only 			Roger Moore 				Stereo 		2 Disc Set 
Forbidden Planet 			Walter Pigeon 
Forced Vengence 			Chuck Norris 
Formula 				MarIon Brando 
Fort Apache (The Bronx) 		Paul Newman 
Foul Play 				Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn 
Four Friends
Four Musketeers 			Faye Dunaway 
Four Seasons 				Alan Alda and Carol Burnett 
Frances 				Jessica Lange 
French Connection 			Gene Hackman 
French Lieutenants Women 		M. Streep 
Friday The 13th 
From Russia With Love 		Sean Connery 
Fuzz 					Burt Reynolds 
Gator 					Burt Reynolds 
Ghandi 				Ben Kingsley 				Stereo 		2 Disc Set 
Gloria 					Gena Rowlands 
Go Tell The Spartanss 		Burt Lancaster 
Godfather 2 
Goldfinger 				Sean Connery 
Gone With The Wind 			Clark Gable 
Good Guys Wear Black 		Chuck Norris 
Goodbye Columbus 			Richard Benjamin 
Gorky Park 
Graduate 				Dustin Hoffinan 
Great Muppet Caper 
Great Santini 				Robert Duvall 
Great Scout and Cathouse Thursday 	Lee Marvin 
Great Whales and Sharks 
Gregory's Girl 
Greystoke (Legend OfTarzan) 	Carol Lambert 					2 Disc Set 
Gunfight At OK Corral 		Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas 
Guns Of Navarrone 			Gregory Peck 						2 Disc Set 
Hair										 Stereo 			Unopened
Hamlet 				Laurence Olivier 					2 Disc Set 
Hard Times 				Charles Bronson and James Coburn 
Harold and Maude 			Ruth Gordon 
Hawaii 				Julie Andrews and R. Harris 				2 Disc Set 
Heart Like A Wheel 			Bonnie Bedelia 
Heartaches 				Kidder and Potts 
Heaven Can Wait 			Warren Beatty 
Heaven's Gate 			Kris Krisofferson 			Stereo 		2 Disc Set 
Henry V 				Laurence Olivier 
High Sierra				Humphrey Bogart 			B&W 
History Of The World Part 1 		Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner 
Hombre 				Paul Newman 
Horse Soldiers 			John Wayne and William Holden 
House On Sorority Row 
Howling 				P. McNee 
Hud 					Paul Newman 
Hustler 	 			Paul Newman 				B&W 		2 Disc Set 
I Ought To Be In Pictures 		Walter Mathau, Jeremiah Johnson and Robert Redford 
I Spit On Your Grave 
I The Jury 				A. Assante 
In Praise Of Older Women 		Karen Black 
In The Heat Of The Night 		Sidney Poitier 
Inherit The Wind 			S. Tracey and F. March 				2 Disc Set 
Invitation To A Gunfighter 		Yul Brynner 
Jaws 					R. Shaw 
Jaws 3 					D. Quaide 				Stereo 
Jinxed 					Bette Midler
Jugger Naut 				R. Harris and Omar Shariff 
Kelly's Heroes 			Clint Eastwood 			Stereo 		2 Disc Set 
Key Largo				Humphrey Bogart 			B&W 				
Killer Force 				Peter Fonda and Telly Savalas 
King Kong 				Fay Wray 				B&W 
Knock On Any Door			Humphrey Bogart 			B&W  
Kramer Versus Kramer 		Dustin Hoffinan 
Lady Chatterly's Lover 		Sylvia Kristel 
Lady Sings The Blues 		Diana Ross 						2 Disc Set 
Last America Virgin 								Stereo 
Last Chase 				B. Meredith and Lee Major 
Lawrence Of Arabia 			Peter O'Toole 						2 Disc Set 
Legend Of The Lone Ranger 
Lenny 					Dustin Hoffman 
Liar' s Moon 				Matt Dillon 
Little Big Man 			Dustin Hoffman 					2 Disc Set 
Little Caesar				Edward G. Robinson 			B&W  
Little Drummer Girl 			Diane Keaton 						2 Disc Set 
Logan's Run 				Michael York 
Lone Riders 				Keith Carradine and Stacey Keach 
Looking For Mr. Goodbar 		Diane Keaton 						2 Disc Set 
Lords Of Discipline 			David Kieth 
Losing It 				Tom Cruise 
Love At First Bite 			Hamilton and R. Benjamin 
M.A.S.H. 				Donald Sutherland and Elliot Gould 
Magnificent Seven 			Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen 			2 Disc Set 
Mahagony 				Diana Ross 
Main Event 				Barbara Striesand and Ryan O'Neal 
Major Dundee 			Charlton Heston and Richard Harris 
Making Love 				Harry Hamlin 
Maltese Falcon			Humphrey Bogart 			B&W 
Man With The Golden Gun 		Roger Moore 
Man With Two Brains 		Steve Martin 
Marathon Man 			Laurence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman 
Marty 					Earnest Bergnine 
Mausoleam 				MarJoe Gortner 
Meatballs 				Bill Murray 
Megaforce 				Barry Bostwick 
Midnight Express 			(Oliver Stone) Brad Davis 
Mildred Pierce				Joan Crawford 			B&W 
Missing 				S. Spacek and Jack Lemmon 
Missouri Breaks 			Jack Nicholson and MarIon Brando 
Mister Roberts 			James Cagney, Henry Fonda and Jack Lemmon 
Mommie Dearest 			Faye Dunaway 					2 Disc Set 
Monty Python's Meaning Of Life 						Stereo 
Moon Raker 				Roger Moore 				Stereo 		2 Disc Set 
Moscow On The Hudson 		Robin Williams 
Mountain Men 			Charlton Heston and B. Keith 
Movie Movie 				George C. Scott 
My Body Guard 
My Fair Lady				Richard Harris and Audrey Hepbum 			2 Disc Set 	Unopened
My Favonte Year 			Peter O'Toole 
Nana 					J. Pierrie Aumont 
Nashville 				Robert Altman 			Stereo 		2 Disc Set 
National Lampoon's Vacation 	Chevy Chase 
Network 				William Holden, Faye Dunaway and Peter Finch 
Never Cry Wolf 			Charles Smith				Stereo 
Never Say Never Again 		Sean Connery 				Stereo 		2 Disc Set 
Nine To Five 				Lily Tomlin, Dolly Pardon and Bette Midler 
North By Northwest 			Cary Grant 						2 Disc Set 
North Dallas Forty 			Nick Nolte 
Octopussy 				Roger Moore 				Stereo 		2 Disc Set 
Odd Couple 				Walter Mathau and Jack Lemmon 
On Golden Pond 			Henry Fonda, Jane Fonda and Katherine Hepbum 
On The Waterfront 			MarIon Brando and Lee J. Cobb 
Once Upon A Time In America 	R. Dinero and J. Woods 				2 Disc Set 
Ordinary People 			S. Maclain, Jack Nicholson and DebraWinger 
Outland 				Sean Connery 				Stereo 
Paper Chase 				John Houseman 
Paper Moon 				Ryan and Tatum O'Neall 
Papillion 				Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman 
Paternity 				Burt Reynolds 
Paths Of Glory 			Kirk Douglas 
Patton 					George C. Scott 					2 Disc Set 
Petretied Forest			Humphrey and Bogart 		B&W  
Play It Again Sam 			Woody Allen 
Playboy Vol. 1 								Stereo 
Playboy Vol. 3 								Stereo 
Playboy Vol. 4 								Stereo 
Police Academy 			Steve Guttenberg 
Poltergeist 				Craig Nelson 				Stereo 
Porkys Part Two 
Posiedon Adventure 			Shelley Winter and Ernest Borgnine 
Postman Always Rings Twice 	Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange 
Pretty Baby 				Brooke Shields 
Pride And The Passion 		Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra and Sophia Loren 
Pride Of The Yankees			Gary Cooper 				B&W  		2 Disc Set 
Prince and The Pauper		Erryl Flynn 				B&W 
Prince Of The City 			Treat Williams 					2 Disc Set 
Private Lessons 			Sylvia Kristol 
Private Popsickle 
Producers 				Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel 
Public Enemy 				James Cagney and Peter Ustinov 	B&W  
Quest For Fire 
Racing With The Moon 		Sean Penn 
Rag Time 				James Cagney 						2 Disc Set 
Raging Bull 				Robert Dinero 						2 Disc Set 
Raiders Of The Lost Ark 		Harrison Ford 
Rebel Without A Cause 		James Dean 								Unopened
Red Dawn 				Patrick Swazy 				Stereo 
Red River 				John Wayne and Montgomery Cliff 			2 Disc Set 
Reds 					Warren Beatty 					2 Disc Set 
Return Of The Pink Panther 		Peter Sellers 
Return To Macon County 		Nick Nolte and ?? Johnson 
Rich and Famous 			Candice Bergen and J. Bissset 
Richard pryor Live In Concert (Uncensured) 
Richard Pryor Live On Sunset Strip 
Rio Lobo 				John Wayne 
Risky Business 			Tom Cruise 				Stereo 
Road Games 				Stacey Keach and Jamie Lee Curtis 
Road Warrior 				Mel Gibson 				Stereo  
Robin Williams Live and Uncensored 
Rocky I 				Sylvester Stallone 
Rocky II				Sylvester Stallone 
Rocky III 				Sylvester Stallone 
Rollerball 				James Cahn 
Rolling Thunder 			William Devane 
Romancing The Stone 		Michael Douglas and Danny Devito 
S.O.B. 					W. Holden and Julie Andrews 
Sacred Ground 			Jack Elam 
Sands OfIwo Jima 			John Wayne 
Saturday Night Fever 			John Travolta 
Saturday Night Live Vol. 1		George Carlin and Steve Martin
Saturn 3 				Kirk Douglas 
Scarface 				Al Pacino 						2 Disc Set 
Sea Wolves 				Gregory Peck, R. Moore and David Niven 
Seems Like Old Times 		Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn 
Seven Brides For Seven Brothers 	Howard Keel 
Sex On the Run 			Tony Curtis 
Shaft 					Richard Roundtree 
Shane 					Alan Ladd 
Sharkey' s Machine 			Burt Reynolds 
She Wore A Yellow Rose 		John Wayne 
Shogun 				R. Chamberlain 
Shoot The Moon 			A. Finney and B. Keaton 
Silent Partner 				E. Gould and C. Plummer 
Silent Rage 				Chuck Norris 
Silkwood 				Merryl Streep and Cher 				2 Disc Set
Silver Streak 				Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor 
Snow Geese and Leopard 		World Of Wildlife Vol. I
Some Kind Of Hero 			Richard Pryor 
Sophie's Choice 			Merryl Streep and Cher 				2 Disc Set 
Southern Comfort 			K. Carradme and P. Booth 
Soylent Green 				Charlton Heston and Edward G. Robinson 
Space Hunters 			Peter Strauss and M. Ringold 
Spellbound 				Gregory Peck and I. Bergman 
Splash 					Tom Hanks and D. Hannah 		Strereo 
Stagecoach				John Wayne 				B&W 
Stalag 17 				William Holden 			B&W
Star 80 				M. Hemmingway and Eric Roberts 
Star Trek: Search For Spock	 						Stereo 
Star Trek: The Menagerie 		Jeffrey Hunter 
Star Trek: The Motion Picture 
Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan 						Stereo 
Star Wars 				Harrison Ford 				Stereo 
Starchamber 				Michael Douglas 
Stardust Memories 			Woody Allen 
Starting Over 				Burt Reynolds and C. Bergen 
Staying Alive 				John Travolta 
Still Of The Night 			R. Schneider and M. Streep 
Stir Crazy 				Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder 
Straw Dogs 				Dustin Hoffinan 
Stripes 				Bill Murray 
Stuntman 				Peter O'Toole and Barbara Hersey 			2 Disc Set 
Sudden Impact 			Clint Eastwood
Superman 				MarIon Brando and Christopher Reeves 		2 Disc Set 
Superman III 				C. Reeves and R. Pryor 		Stereo 		2 Disc Set 
Survivors 				Walter Matthau and R. Williams 
Swept Away 				Giancarlo Ginnini 
Take The Money And Run 		Woody Allen 
Taking Of Pelham 123 		R. Shawand W. Mathau 
Tarzan The Apeman 			Bo Derek and Richard Harris 
Taxi Driver 				Robert Dinero 
Tempest 				J. Cassavetes, G. Rowlands and S. Sarandon 
Ten To Midnight 			Charles Bronson  
Tender Mercies 			Robert Duval 
Tentacles 				Henry Fonda, J. Huston and S. Winters 
Terms Of Endearment 		S. McClaine and Debra Winger 			2 Disc Set 
Tess 					N. Kinski 
That Championship Season 		B. Dem and S. Keach 
That's Entertainment 			Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby and Gene Kelly 
The Amateur 				John Savage 
The Apartment 			Jack Lemmon 
The Beast Master 			Marc Singer 
The Beast Within 			Ronny Cox 
The Big Chill 				Tom Berenger 
The Black Hole 			Max Schnel and A. Perkins 
The Challenge 			Scott Glenn 
The Changeling 			George Scott 
The Deep 				Robert Shaw 
The Detective 				Frank Sinatra 
The Empire Strikes Back 		Harrison Ford 				Stereo 
The End 				Burt Reynolds 
The Entity 				B. Hershey 				Stereo 
The Evil That Men Do		Charles Bronson 
The Eyes Of Laura Mars 		Faye Dunaway 
The Fog 				Hal Holbrook 
The Front 				Woody Allen 
The Hunger 				C. Deneuve, D. Bowie and S. Sarandon 
The In Laws 				Peter Falk and Alan Alda 
The Incubus 				John Cassavettes 
The Kentuckian 			Burt Lancaster 
The Last Valley 			Michael Caine and Ornar Shariff 			2 Disc Set 
The Lion In Winter 			Katherine Hepbum and Peter O'Toole 		2 Disc Set 
The Lonely Guy 			Steve Martin 
The Longest Day 			John Wayne and Robert Mitchum 	B&W  	2 Disc Set 
The Longest Yard 			Burt Reynolds 
The Man From Snowy River 		Kirk Douglas 				Stereo 
The Man Who Would Be King 	Michael Caine and Sean Connery 
The Mechanic 				Charles Bronson 
The Missionary 			Michael Palin and Trevor Howard 
The Natural 				Robert Redford 			Stereo 		2 Disc Set 
The Neighbors 			John Belusi and Dan Akroyd 
The Next Day 
The Night Porter 			Dirk Bogarde 
The Norsmen 				Lee Majors 
The Quiet Man 			John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara 
The Right Stuff 			Sam Shepard 				Stereo 		2 Disc Set 
The Robe 				Richard Burton 
The Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter 	Mick Jagger 
The Rose 				Bette Midler 				Stereo 		2 Disc Set 
The Sailor Who Fell From Grace 	Kris Kristofferson 
The Sea Hawk 			Eroll Flynn 				B&W 
The Searchers 				John Wayne 
The Secret Policeman's Ball 		John Cleese and Michael Palin 
The Shootist 				John Wayne 
The Soldier 				Ken Wahl 
The Spy Who Loved Me 		Roger Moore 
The Stone Killers 			Charles Bronson 
The Swar 				Robert Dineri 
The Verdict 				Paul Newman 						2 Disc Set 
The Visitor 				Glenn Ford and John Huston 
The Warriors 				Michael Beck 
The Woman In Red 			Gene Wilder 				Stereo 
The Year Of Living Dangerously 	Mel Gibson 
They All Laughed 			Audrey Hepburn, B. Gazzara and J. Ritter 
They Call Me Mr. Tibbs 		Sidney Poitier 
They Shoot Horses Don't They	Jane Fonda and M. Sarazan 						Unopened
Thief 					James Caan 
Thousand Clowns			Jason Robards and B. Harris 						Unopened
Three Days Of The Condor 		Robert Redford and Faye Dunaway 
Three Musketeers 			Michael York 
Thunder Ball 				Sean Connery 						2 Disc Set 
Thunderbolt and Lightfoot 		Clint Eastwood 
Ticket To Heaven 			Nick Mancuso 
Tightrope 				Clint Eastwood 
Till Marriage Do Us Part 		Laura Antonelli 
Time Bandits 				M. Palin 
Timerider 				Peter Coyote 				Stereo 
To Be Or Not To Be 			Mel Brooks and Ann Bancroft 
Tootsie 				Dustin Hoffinan 
Top Secret 				Val Kilmer 				Stereo 
Tora Tora Tora 
Trading Places 			Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd 
Tribute 				Jack Lemmon 						2 Disc Set 
True Confessions 			Robert Dinero and Robert Duval 
True Grit 				John Wayne 						2 Disc Set 
Twelve O'Clock High			Gregory Peck 				B&W 		2 Disc Set 
Twilight Zone: The Movie							Stereo 
Uncommon Valor 			Gene Hackman 			Stereo 
Up In Smoke 				Cheech and Chong 
Urban Cowboy 			John Travolta and Debra Winger 			2 Disc Set 
Used Cars 				Kurt Russel 
Venom 				Sterling Hayden 			Stereo 
Vera Cruz 				Gary Cooper and Burt Lancaster 
Victor Victoria 			Julie Andrews 						2 Disc Set 
Victory 				Michael Caine and Sylvester Stallone 
Victory At Sea 
Visiting Hours 			Lee Grant 
War Games 				Mathew Broderick 			Stereo 
War Lords Of The 21st Century 	Michael Beck 
Watership Down 
What's New Pussycat 			Peter Sellers and Peter O'Toole 
When A Stranger Calls 		C. Burning and Carol Kane 
White Heat				James Cagney 				B&W
White Lightning 			Burt Reynolds 
Wholly Moses 			Dudley Moore and Richard Pryor 
Whose Life Is It Anyway 		Richard Dreyfus 
Wild Bunch 				W. Holden and E. Borgnine 
Wild Geese 				R. Burton and R. Moore 		Stereo 		2 Disc Set 
Winter Kill 				Jeff Bridges 
Witness For The Prosecution 		Tyrone Power 
World According To Garp 		Robin Williams 					2 Disc Set 
World Of Henry Orient 		Peter Sellers 
World's Greatest Lover 		Gene Wilder 
Wrong Is Right 			Sean Connery 
Yankee Doodle Dandy		James Cagney 				B&W 				Unopened 
Yor: Hunter From The Future 
You Only Live Twice 		Sean Connery 
Young Doctors In Love 		H. Elm and Sean Young 
Young Frankenstein 			Gene Wilder 
Zorro The Gay Blade 			George Hamilton 

Children's Movies: 
Race For Your Life Charlie Brown 
Fairy Tale Classics: Cinderella; The Red Shoes; Ali Baba; The Ugly Duckling; The Bremen B&W 
Mighty Mouse In The Great Space Chase 
He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe (2 Volumes) 

Video Aerobics 			Leslie Lilien and Julie Lavin 
Jane Fonda's Workout 		(2 Sets) 
Aerobicise: The Beautiful Workout 	Loryanna Catalano 
Eroticise				Kitten Natividad 

Interactive Games:
Many Roads To Murder 
The Entertainment Game 
A Week At The Races 

Disc Player Machines (Non working): 
1. RCA Selecta Vision Video Disk Player, Model #SJTI0l 
2. RCA Selecta Vision Stereo Video Disc Player, Model #SJT400 
432	 Single Disc Movies 
  93 	2 Disc Set Movies
    5	Children's Discs
    5	Exercise Discs
    3	Interactive Games
631	Total Number of Disks 


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