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CED Digest Vol. 3 No. 22  •  5/30/1998


From: Richard & Sally Taylor 
To: "''" <>
Subject: Wow !
Date: Sun, 24 May 1998 19:31:12 -0700

I just discovered this site...I'm new to the web.
This is great ! I am a C.E.D. person and have felt alone for so long.

Date: Sun, 24 May 1998 21:18:48 -0700
From: Tom Howe
Subject: CED's in San Francisco

Hello All: 

On a recent SF visit I hit a lot of the used record stores in town. I didn't see
any CED's except at one store, which has had the same assortment of about 200
titles in the back of the store for at least seven years. The owner overpriced
these way back then, but I believe he's open to negotiation on the price, as
he'd like to sell them off. The store is: 

Music & Rhythm, 962 Market St., (415) 673-5790. 

There also is a huge new Amoeba Music store in what used to be a bowling alley
near the end of Haight St. There weren't any CED's, but I did see some a couple
years ago in their Berkeley store across the bay. The store does have a large 
selection of used LaserDiscs. I finally found the elusive Emerson, Lake & Palmer
"Pictures at an Exhibition." Amoeba Music is on the web at: 


From: Bojay1997 
Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 17:36:55 EDT
Subject: Re: National CED Library!

I have a question, is anyone a little suspicious about this?  Isn't this guy
just a collector trying to complete his collection for free or next to
nothing?  Is there a physical location we could visit this library?  Sorry,
but I've seen lots of posts like this from computer collectors who are looking
to complete their collection, not create a museum.


Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 13:34:39 -0700
From: Tom Howe
Subject: Twins on Stereo Demo Disc

Fellow CED'ers:

For those of you unfamiliar with the Stereo Demo Disc, it starts with a young
lady talking about VideoDiscs and how they just got better. She then splits into
two, and the twins do a little song and dance emphasizing the new stereo sound.
I've always wondered who these twins were, as they looked familiar.  Well, in
sorting through some discs getting ready to take photos of them, there the twins
were on the back of "The Lonely Guy" caddy in a picture with Steve Martin. It
turns out they are Candi and Randi Brough, with a number of screen and TV
appearances including "B.J. and the Bear" and "The Dukes of Hazzard". Here are
the URLs of their IMDb pages:,+Candi,+Randi

Their song "Coming at Ya from All Sides" is also now available in the music
section at CED Magic.

--Tom Howe

Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 20:13:43 -0700
From: Neil Wagner 
To: *CED Digest <>
Subject: Videodisc History Part 26

>From the November 1983 Popular Science column
"Look and Listen" by William J. Hawkins -

Last minute...
  RCA has just introduced the first random-access CED
disc player.  Any point on the disc can be selected and
played, making interactive discs possible.  The first
two discs--"A Week At The Races," which allows you to
bet on the outcome of horse races, and "Many Roads To
Murder," which contains mystery stories you must solve--
are $30.  The SJT 400 player is $500.


>From the May 1984 Popular Science column
"What's New in Electronics" by William J. Hawkins -

  Just drop in the videodisc:  The newest Pioneer Laser-
Disc is a front-loader.  Inside, a semiconductor laser
replaces the conventional helium-neon-gas laser for longer
life and a more compact design.  Introduced recently in
Japan, it will soon be available here for about $860.

Neil -


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