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CED Digest Vol. 3 No. 21  •  5/23/1998


From: Eric Christensen 
Subject: Wanted!: CED player
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 10:28:14 -0500

I am in dire need of a CED player. If anyone has an extra one laying
around or anything like that, please let me know. I will be glad to take
it off your hands for a good price. Thanks,


Subject: Re: CED Digest -----cleaning of the disc
From: (craig  v roberts)
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 19:57:43 EDT

  One problem with the needle in the groove system is that the grooves
are so fine and any imperfections will show as a skip or temporary
garbage.  One possibility is to run the thing reversed so the needle will
bump off the offending piece of dust or the offending piece of dust will
bump off the stylus.......lemme order another one.  A better way is to
use those square cotton press cleaning pads found in print shops or some
other clean soft cotton cloth.  I use a professional glass cleaner (
ethyl alcohol + isopropal alcohol + water ) and gently wipe the disc in a
circular direction.  I get the surface damp but not wet. This plus the
next playing usually gets the contamination off.  However, it will not
eliminate the actual scratches on the surface.  These are repetitive
clicks in the sound and the best way to get rid of these is to find
another disc.  Also, don't swap side one with side two or the side reader
in the player will fool you when you're not paying attention.   Anybody
out there have Stanley Kubrick's Lolita for sale or Sparticus----I like
Kubrick's movies.                     Craig Roberts   Greenbelt, Maryland

From: "Daniel P. Cayea" 
To: <>
Subject: Telecom Capacitance * NCDL History & Future
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 08:36:16 -0400

Telecom Technologies Incorporated * Telecom  Capacitance National
Capacitance Disc Libary  Dear Fellow CED Enthusiasts:
Admittingly it has been quite  some time since the last communicaid
about the operations and status of the  National Capacitance Disc
Library here in Lyon Mountain, New York. With  the purchase of new
computer systems and software I make a new pledge to you,  that such
a long silence about this project will hardly occur  again.
Since the start of this  personal hobby I have grown to be quite
fond of this obsolete yet lovable  entertainment media, I have
desired to build a complete collection of CED  titles, both media
and documentation for future preservance. In that I  decided to use
my small and underfunded electronics services company as a front
to begin the project. As my hobby as grown into a infatuation so has
my  company. A new division has been created, as indicated by the
header  Telecom Capacitance and it  deals strictly with the occurances of
CED. Telecom Capacitance performs  many services now with CED, but in
this issue of CED Digest, that is not the  focus point. The focus point
of this communicaid is to inform you of the  status of Telecom Capacitance
formerly the NCDL, an apology for the lack of  continual updates, and
finally a request for enthusiast support in a  project.  Since the
last communicaid the library growth  rate has been minimal, only
increasing 7 titles through donation and  purchase. This is primarily
the fault of myself being in charge of Telecom  Technologies Incorporated
having to temporarily relieve myself of duties because  of illness in the
related family. Despite such a shortcoming the goal  remains the same,
to create a complete CED informational library for future  preservance.
Any documentation, or media donations or information on  possible sales
would be greatly appreciated.  On a second note, I would formally
wish to  apologize to those whom subscribed to CED Digest therefore
subscribing to the  NCDL Communicaid whom have not recieved a communicaid
sometime. For as  reasons indicated above I have not been available to
oversee the operations of  the company. For that I am deeply regretfull.
Those who wish to  subscribe to the newsletter, which will be in tune
much more than the previous  versions, I welcome you to do so. Unlike CED
Digest, Telecom Capacitance  Newsletter will only contain information
relevant to the ongoing mission of  Telecom Capacitance, which is to build
a library for future  preservance.  Last but not the least for this
communicaid is  a request for your assitance in a related CED project.
Many of you are  aware of the CED Chat Room created by CED Digest host,
Mr. Tom Howe. For  major discussions on the media that was an excellent
idea. However unless  a meeting has been prescheduled it is unlikely that
the room will be occupied  during a random entrance. Many of you have also
heard about Instant  Messenger by America Online, Inc. This handy and
toll-free program will  allow us to communicate while online without having
to check in to the CED Chat  Room. The web page to register and then
download this program (Windows  3.1, 95, 98, Unix, and Mac/OS supported)
is located at url and should be safely  downloaded
there. If you decide to do this, please select an available  name with
CED anywhere within its' context and please send a copy of the name to
<> with CED-AIM Project in
the subject line. A database of names will then be compiled and released 
on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to CED Digest and Telecom Capacitance
Newsletter, so that one may stay up to date with their AIM software.
I  hope that many of you will particiapte.  In closing, 'When one has
undisputible faith,  anything can be achieved.' Good day to all from
Telecom Technologies  Incorporated and its' subsiduaries from Lyon Mountain,
New  York.  Telecom Technologies  Incorporated (Telecom Capaictance) 2841
First Street, Second Floor Postal Office Box 90 Lyon Mountain, New York

Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 19:38:01 -0700
From: Neil Wagner 
To: *CED Digest <>
Subject: Videodisc History Part 25

>From the October 1982 Popular Science column "What's new
in Electronics" by William J. Hawkins - 

Videodisc player
  Now trimmed down twice, Pioneer's new Laser Disc LD-660
player is just 5-5/8 inch high--and has a list price of
only $600.  The unit reproduces CX-encoded audio in stereo.
Video controls allow freeze frame, slow motion, scanning,
and step frame.
  [A photo of the top-loading player accompanied the article.]


>From the May 1983 Popular Science column "Look and listen"
by John Free - 

Quick Looks
  Videodisc notes:  A third type of videodisc system called
VHD didn't make its scheduled U.S. introduction.  It is now
slated to go on sale in Japan about the time you read this.
Some 200 albums will be available for the $625 player, which
has random-access capabilities (accessing TV frames by num-
ber).....RCA says it will introduce a CED player later this
year with random-access features, too.....Interactive optical
discs (using random-access and other player features) are
slowly growing in numbers:  MysteryDisc, a detective plot
with a variety of solutions is a new addition.  Also, arcade-
game-maker Sega Enterprises is readying a disc-based game
offering spectacular space-war action with realistic movie-
like scenes instead of computer graphics.  And MCA Video
Disc is marketing Action Adventure Games, an interactive disc
that lets players guide "real" images (actors), not computer-
graphic symbols, through action scenes.

Neil -

From: RKolba0211 
Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 16:22:56 EDT
Subject: Seeking the Elusive Titles

CED disc collecting is a lot like life itself. In infancy we collect discs
from local stores, usually paying retail. When the format was discontinued we
all ran out and bought more (because they were cheap.) They then sat in
storage as we couldn't decide what to do with them and there seemed to be no
resale market available. (This was analogous to our adolescent period.)

Then, lo and behold, we discovered Tom Howe's web site and finally saw a
complete list of all releases...'twas then we decided to go for it. Why not
attempt to collect ALL titles? As we pursued this seemingly impossible task we
found ourselves having to purchase complete collections in order to acquire
one or two sought after discs. As a result, our individual inventories grew
and grew.

I have now reached maturity and am searching for those collectors who, like
myself, are close to compiling a complete collection. I have several duplicate
titles that Tom has rated EXTREMELY RARE and VERY RARE and I surmise that some
of you out there have what I need and vice versa. Rather than use the shotgun
approach, let's use the rifle approach. I am 70 titles short. Let's exchange
WANT LISTS. Let me know if my idea has merit.   Bob Kolba

From: "Daniel P. Cayea" 
To: "Tom Howe" <>
Subject: CED Magic CD-ROM Inquiry
Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 19:18:00 -0400

     I have seen as many of you have seen that a CED Magic  CD-ROM will eventually be
     published. This CD-ROM is to contain all the  information of the CED Magic Web
     Site and high-resolution images of all video  discs.  The inquiry that I have
     is... The web site is  periodically updated to contain new information, links,
     and other forms of  data. Will the CD be designed to be installable onto hard disk?
     If  so, will it be designed to be upgraded to recognize updates of the CED Magic Web
     Site?  Thanks, Daniel P. Cayea TCE/TTI


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