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CED Digest Vol. 2 No. 44  •  11/1/1997


From: "Zach D."
To: Tom Howe <>
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 1997 18:54:09 -0500
Subject: Entry

All this talk of pressing new disks is interesting... Here is my 
question though:

What are we going to watch them all on??

Shouldn't someone figure out how to make some new styluses (Styli?) 

Yes, I'd really like to see Vertigo and Blade Runner pressed on CED.
Whoops, they already did and I own them so I guess I'm happy :)

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Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 15:22:33 -0600
From: Geoff Oltmans
To: Tom Howe <>
Subject: Re: CED Digest Vol. 2 No. 43

In response to chemfish's remarks:

I believe the point I was trying to convey regarding the new production
of CED's is that it is not ECONOMICALLY feasable. Certainly anything is
possible, but who's willing to spend the time and money to make it


From: DPC16
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 1997 18:38:54 -0500 (EST)
Subject: The CED Future, Part VI & Personal Notes

The CED Future
Part VI, The Role of Thomson Consumer Electronics
By Daniel P. Cayea

	As Tom Howe pointed out in his updated CED FAQ's, perhaps someday
Thomson Consumer Electronics will release a commemorative disc on the
anniversary of the CED system.  Well, the twentieth anniversary is in 2001,
so far I
haven't seen any movement on their end.  As the 750,000 possible CED users
struggling to keep their equipment up we see a problem.  A problem that now
unless we ourselves purchase the rights, that only Thomson can help us with.
	Life is life, business is business.  Of course that is the way corporate
America thinks today, and that is no different compared to General Electric
Thomson Consumer Electronic either.  For whatever reason General Electric
had to have RCA Corporation back in 1986, it is a corporate fact of life, big
companies or richer companies have to swallow up little or poorer companies. 
Now that RCA is gone, we find ourselves scurrying to get whatever help or
equipment that we can find.  As with players, movies, and stylus cartridges
dwindle away, we have to find a solution.  This is one of the other reasons
we need to join together and get this technology started again.  This
is just like an old boat, the longer we wait without any action, the sooner
sink.  It has been said that Thomson in all probability still has Disc
Station as well as some other machinery for the production of CED hardware,
such as stylus cartridges.  From a relative point of view, purchasing these
items from Thomson Consumer Electronics should be easy.  For they have no use
for it at all, however we do.  For I, just being one person, do not have the
financial resources to do this.  Yet, the almost 750,000 possible CED
enthusiasts do have the resources to
accomplish this.  Write Thomson like I have on information of the equipment
CED that they have.  Eventually they will respond to the numerous requests
they will get, only if you write or call them, like I have.  Since this part
is relatively short and sweet, I should go over the other parts that I have
come up with and tell you what they are about and what CED Digest they are
in.  Part One & Two are general overviews of the CED Future are posted in
Vol. 2, No. 40.  Part Three is brief overview of Parts One & Two, also with
some suggestions on how to restart the CED system, and is posted in Vol. 2,
No. 41.  Part Four is a report on the financial feasibility of restarting the
CED system, how and why we should do it, and is in Vol. 2, No. 42.  Part Five
is a report on a possible users fund for the CED system and some suggestions
on how to get whatever hardware is available, it is in Vol. 2.  No. 43. 	In
the next part, Part Seven, I hope you will all help me with, by sending me
comments on your results on contacting General Electric or Thomson
Consumer Electronics, as I am attempting to get all that I can out of them, I
you can do the same.  I also plan on commenting on Telecom's National
Capacitance Disc Library and how it can help, if we cannot succeed in our

Telecom Technologies Incorporated
National Capacitance Disc Library
2841 First Street
Lyon Mountain, New York USA 12952-0090

Personal Notes:

As some of you have commented on the futilism of trying to restart the CED
format, I thank you for your criticism but I ask for support in which I would
give if you were starting such a project.  Again, I thank you, personally I
would prefer positive ideas, suggestions, and criticism, but all is welcomed.
Again, my company Telecom Technologies has started the 'National Capacitance
Disc Library.'  It is a profit library which I hope to collect all available
titles in multiple copies for those who wish to loan them, that way we do not
have to compete with each other for available copies.

Thanks,  Dan

Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 01:25:54 -0800
From: Tom Howe 
Subject: Revamped RCA VideoDisc Classifieds

Fellow CED'ers:

The EPage Classified Ad web site is restructuring their service and will be
closing down the current RCA VideoDisc Classifieds sometime this month. I've
created a new classified ad section on their site, and at present both the old
and new one are linked at CED Magic.
EPage has revamped their site to be more similar to the phenomenally successful
auction site Ebay, so in addition to posting regular classified ads, it is now
also possible to do auctions and post images.

--Tom Howe


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