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CED in the History of Media Technology


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JVC VHD Booth at CES

1982: JVC's VHD VideoDisc System at the Consumer Electronics Show

While a year earlier the RCA VideoDisc system had been one of the most prominent introductions at the Las Vegas CES, at the January 1982 show the VHD VideoDisc held the spotlight with a large display space sporting the slogan "There's More to See on VHD." JVC had unveiled a prototype caddyless VHD player in 1979, but by 1982 the system used discs housed in caddies.

Despite the impressive display, VHD was still not ready for market introduction. It wasn't until April 1983 that a consumer version was marketed in Japan, and January 1984 that an industrial system appeared in Great Britain. Despite building a $12 million production facility in Irvine, California, the system was never marketed in the United States.


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