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CED in the History of Media Technology


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ReplayTV and TiVo Video Recorders

1999: Personal Video Recorders from ReplayTV and TiVo are Introduced

Just as the Instant Replay Deck allowed 30 seconds of live video to be recorded on a hard disk in 1967, the ReplayTV and TiVo decks could record 14 hours of video in 1999. With the built-in 10 GB hard drive continuously recording, these decks provided the capability to pause and rewind live TV. The ReplayTV and TiVo both retailed for about $700 at introduction, although the TiVo could be had for $500 by paying a $10/month fee for the service. TiVo was more successful, as its unit could learn the owner's viewing preferences and record appropriate programs automatically. ReplayTV withdrew from the hardware business in 2000, with their box being re-introduced by Sonicblue in 2001. Microsoft and RCA jointly introduced UltimateTV in 2001, which featured a video recorder integrated into a DirecTV box.


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