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CED in the History of Media Technology


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RCA RC5200P DVD Player

1997: DVD Achieves a Nationwide Market

DVD standing for Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc, depending upon who you talk to, was announced in 1995 for a 1996 introduction, but nationwide rollout was delayed until 1997. DVD uses Audio CD size discs to store digital video in MPEG2 format, as opposed to the lower-quality MPEG1 used on the earlier CD-I system. With MPEG2, dual-side, and dual-layer capabilities, DVD can store much more video of higher quality than CD-I, and many DVD players can play CD-I or VideoCD discs, albeit at their MPEG1 quality. RCA announced two DVD players at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 1997, the basic RC5200P pictured above and the RC5500P with more advanced features. Interestingly, the retail price of the RC5200P was almost exactly the same as the introductory SFT100 CED player 16 years earlier.


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