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J.R.R. Tolkien's The Return of the King CED


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Galadriel's Phial

United with Galadriel's Phial

Sam and Frodo unite with Galadriel's Phial to break past the Two Watchers (Side 1, 40:54).

"Sam drew out the elven-glass of Galadriel again. As if to do honour to
his hardihood, and to grace with splendour his faithful brown hobbit-hand that
had done such deeds, the phial blazed forth suddenly, so that all the shadowy
court was lit with a dazzling radiance like lightning; but it remained steady
and did not pass.

'Gilthoniel, A Elbereth!' Sam cried. For, why he did not know, his thought
sprang back suddenly to the Elves in the Shire, and the song that drove away the
Black Rider in the trees.

'Aiya elenion ancalima!' cried Frodo once again behind him.

The will of the Watchers was broken with a suddenness like the snapping of a
cord, and Frodo and Sam stumbled forward. Then they ran. Through the gate and
past the great seated figures with their glittering eyes. There was a crack. The
keystone of the arch crashed almost on their heels, and the wall above crumbled,
and fell in ruin. Only by a hair did they escape. A bell clanged; and from the
Watchers there went up a high and dreadful wail. Far up above in the darkness it
was answered. Out of the black sky there came dropping like a bolt a winged
shape, rending the clouds with a ghastly shriek."

    - LOTR Book VI: The Tower of Cirith Ungol

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