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RCA Press Release for August 14, 1981


RCA Increases Advertising Expenditures by 61 Percent for Fall Video Cassette Recorder Campaign

INDIANAPOLIS, August 14 -- Citing a rapidly growing video recorder business, that is almost double last year's record unit sales, RCA announced today a strong product and advertising campaign on behalf of its video cassette recorder line.

James K. DeVoe, vice president of consumer communications for RCA Sales Corporation, said RCA's media plan for the second half of 1981 represents a 61 percent increase over the comparable period of a year ago, with major emphasis on television and magazine support.

As the industry leader in VCR sales, Mr. DeVoe said, RCA's advertising thrust will be aimed directly at "the sudden upsurge in the number of consumers who have moved from general apathy to firm attitudes about which brands they know, like and prefer." He said RCA's goal is to establish "a new level of consumer awareness, image and preference franchise."

RCA formally introduced its new 4-video head deluxe table-model VCR, model VFT650, with an optional list price of $1,500. The VFT650 includes a built-in infrared remote control and cable-ready tuner capable of tuning a selection of nine mid-band and 14 super-band cable channels as well as regular VHF and UHF channels. The recorder's wireless remote hand unit contains the most frequently used operational deck controls as well as the special effects of still frame, frame advance, double speed, variable slow motion and picture search.

Other video cassette recorders in RCA's line include the lead VFT190, which has an open-list price; the step-up VFT250 at $1,075; and the VFP170 "Convertible" VCR at $1,400. These models were introduced earlier in the year, and their optional list prices remain unchanged.

In color video cameras, RCA's three-model line-up will continue with the CC010 and CC011 introduced in May, and a new lead model CC009 which succeeds the previous CC005 model. The new CC009 has an f1.8-3:1 zoom lens, electronic viewfinder and built-in microphone. Also included is a compatability switch that adjusts the camera's internal circuitry for optimum performance with virtually all VHS-format recorders. The new CC009 carries an open list price but can be retail priced below $600.

Mr. DeVoe also announced a new advertising theme that will appear with every commercial for RCA's video cassette recorder products: "No One Gives You More VCR Than RCA."

Three separate magazine ads are planned for RCA's second half VCR campaign: one highlights the VFT650, one covers the "Convertible" VFP170 and the third promotes RCA's video cameras, the first brand-sell effort by RCA for cameras.


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