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RCA Press Release for June 18, 1981


Original Art for RCA Video Discs Exhibited at Society of Illustrators

The first exhibit of original art commissioned for the album covers of RCA's video disc system was held today at the Society of Illustrators' gallery.

Acy Lehman, director of creative services for RCA "SelectaVision" VideoDiscs, said, "As the video disc industry grows in the decade ahead, it will provide a field for the artist, designer and photographer that will be as prolific and exciting as that created by the record industry".

Mr. Lehman said the original art for 50 of RCA's video disc album covers was included in the first exhibit. Of the 126 titles in RCA's catalog, 50 involved original art. The remainder used art work supplied by the major Hollywood studios or other program suppliers.

This showing, the first to be given in the video disc industry, represents the creative efforts of thirty three illustrators.


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