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RCA Press Release for February 19, 1981


Two RCA Units Join to Develop Music Video Discs for 'SelectaVision' System

RCA "SelectaVision" VideoDiscs and RCA Records will jointly develop and produce original music video discs for release on RCA's VideoDisc system, it was announced today by Herbert S. Schlosser, executive vice president of RCA and Robert Summer, president of RCA Records.

"At the beginning of the video disc business, we will rely on existing program material, such as movies; but as the medium develops there will be programs created especially for it, and music discs will be an ever-increasing proportion of what is released on video discs, " Mr. Schlosser said.

"Popular record artists have enormous followings. They pack concert halls and arenas. With the video disc, their fans will be able to see as well as hear them."

Mr. Summer said, "This new commitment will enable RCA Records to provide an increased opportunity for its recording artists to develop creatively in the new world of video art. RCA has a roster of artists covering the full spectrum of musical entertainment, including rock, contemporary POP, country, Black, jazz, classical, and show productions. This allows many forms of video music to be produced, from live performances to special studio creations."

Seth M. Willenson, staff vice president for programs and business affairs of RCA "SelectaVision" VideoDiscs, and Richard Thorward, newly appointed marketing vice president at RCA Records, have been given responsibility for implementing the joint undertaking. Specific video music projects will be announced as agreements are made.

RCA Records has been producing, or co-producing, video projects for several years. These programs have been aired on cable and pay television and in discos, rock clubs, and record retail outlets.

RCA "SelectaVision" VideoDiscs is responsible for developing the program catalog for the company's video disc system and for marketing the discs.


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