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RCA Press Release for January 26, 1981


RCA Video Discs Marketing Team Tours Distributors in 48 Cities

An RCA "SelectaVision" VideoDiscs marketing team has begun a national tour of distributors in 48 cities, RCA announced today.

"The purpose of the four-week tour is to brief each RCA Distributor on marketing procedures prior to the national introduction of the company's video disc system on March 22," according to David A. Heneberry, staff vice president for marketing.

"Discs and players must be together at retail to sell the system to consumers," he added. "However, for many of our distributors, handling discs is a new and challenging requirement. So, we're meeting with them to review procedures, answer questions, and arrange a system for information feedback.

"Our distributors will have a large selection of titles in dealers, hands for the March 22 launch," Mr. Heneberry said.

He said that any titles not in stock will be available through dealers within a few days. RCA has established for dealers a rapid phone service called "Quick Delivery Service," or QDS. "Our software delivery system is in place, and a personal visit to each distributor by our home office staff will help increase its efficiency."

The group includes Mr. Heneberry; Howard M. Ballon, marketing planning manager; and two newly appointed executives, Bill Reilly, national sales director, and Jeff Baker, marketing service manager.

Mr. Reilly comes to "SelectaVision" VideoDiscs from RCA Records where he was director of commercial sales for the eastern region. His background includes positions with Morse Electro Products and Capitol Records. As RCA's director of national sales, Mr. Reilly will report to Mr. Heneberry and supervise video disc software sales.

Mr. Baker comes to RCA from Pickwick International where he was video product manager. He will report to Mr. Heneberry and have responsibilities in advertising, marketing and sales promotion.


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