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RCA Press Release for January 23, 1981


Montgomery Ward to Market RCA's 'CED' VideoDisc System

RCA today welcomed a decision by Montgomery Ward & Co. to market the RCA "CED" (capacitance electronic disc) video disc system in its national chain of retail stores.

In a statement, RCA said:

"We welcome the adoption of RCA's 'CED' system by Montgomery Ward, one of the largest retail firms in the United States. We believe that this additional support for our 'CED' system will help assure an even stronger introduction of this major new consumer product to the public in 1981."

Montgomery Ward joins CBS, Zenith, Sears, J. C. Penney, Hitachi, Radio Shack, Sanyo and Toshiba -- companies which have also announced their intention to market the RCA "CED" system.

The RCA "CED" VideoDisc system will be offered by television receiver brands representing nearly 60 percent of the U. S. color TV business.


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